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September 26, 2011


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Yeah, Moran Moran is just another Walt Fitzpatrick type with a Martyr's complex. He thinks he's being so tough in his youtube video...yet he's just careful enough to repeatedly "claim" he's not going to do anything violent to harm the president and thus feign that the government is afraid to touch him for his threats, when in reality, they are probably just monitoring him and have no need to take action until he actually crosses the line.

Let's see if he does what he claims he is going to do and actually drives to DC and tries to "arrest" the President. He won't get anywhere near the President and if he does anything more than ask and then walk away when they tell him to leave, he will find himself properly arrested...and he'll end up no tougher and no more successful than Lakin or Fitzpatrick.


Call then conspircists...but don't call them 'normal'


"The state of Arizona is behind us," said an organizer in Florida.

He must have been facing east.


moran: "you wouldn't even do an arm wrestlin' match with me if i asked ya. you probably wouldn't do a forty yard dash. WIMP! COWARD! ... COWARD!"

it's easy to call someone a coward when they don't even know you exist ... as if the president had time for moron's whining if he knew.

Account Deleted

PaulG...That is a good one. Couldn't help but laugh.

The Magic M

> it's easy to call someone a coward when they don't even know you exist

And it comes across like the kid who yells "you ain't so big, I can take you on" at the sleeping giant. ;)

Or maybe he's just angry no birthers have yet said "Moran for President", as they've done with Walt, Linda Johnson, Joe Arpaio and other insignificant figures who just happened to (appear to) agree with them...

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