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September 07, 2011


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Patrick, please redact the Social Security Number in the first item immediately.

(Patrick - Done. Damned Orly......)


Patrick, your introduction has put into words what I have been feeling lately. Just when I think the "stupid" can't be ratcheted up any higher, they manage to do it. It was funny when the stupid was limited to a small faction, but now that it's becoming "mainstream" it really scares me how ignorant the American public really is. They buy every lie told them and those trying to protect the truth cannot get the message out. It's mind-boggling.

To equate politics with war and making it all about winning has completely torn this country apart. Very, very sad. :(

Rob A

Great post, and just fyi if the idiot Fitzpatrick is receiving a pension, he is subject to the UCMJ.


Well said Donna & Patrick. I agree with both of you.


Someone ought to sentence Fitzpatrick to writing
lines (they can still do that, right?):
1000 lines of "I'm a civilian"
1000 lines of "I'm not a Lieutenant Commander"
1000 lines of "I'm not a member of the US Navy"
1000 lines of "The US Navy kicked me out 15 years ago"

Not that it'd get the message through, but at least it would be a start...

The Magic M

> Should we be surprised that it doesn't match Dr. Orly's claims in the slightest??

Of course she claims the transcript was "forged".... *sigh*

> he takes this lack of response as tacit admission

"Tacit admission" is one of the favourite terms of the cranks in my country as well. And probably of most cranks around the world. It's the only way they can not only deal with being ignored, but turning it into "victory" in their heads.

In my country, we have at least four guys who consider themselves "President" because they wrote a paper to the Allied Forces claiming such position and "did not receive a complaint within 21 days, thus affirming my contention". *duh*


Ditto G, Donna and Patrick. It's like Patrick was reading my mind in the intro.


I love the irony of Lame Cherry calling us "lemmings." After all, it is now known that the belief that lemmings throw themselves off cliffs to their deaths is based on a total fabrication. You know, just like all the birther beliefs.


Did anyone happen to save Walter's unedited rant as the "take up guns and shoot people" line is now gone from the article...?

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