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October 17, 2011


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Does anyone mind if I go put a cap in Thomas MacLearan's ass before he has a chance to hurt an innocent bystander?

I'm not a liberal or a conservative; I don't stand for anyone's cause but my own. I'm sick of all the death threats from people like this and I wouldn't mind going to jail knowing I probably stopped the next Jared Loughner type attack.

If the police don't get involved and stop these maniac fascist seditionists, someone should step in and institute some vigilante justice.


Seriously, MacLearan sounds like he wants to be the next John Wilkes Booth... He has violated numerous federal laws with his terroristic threats.

Why are the feds sitting on their ass and not taking this SOB out?


I'm just being dramatic ..., I'm not the murderous type and am just talking shit re: vigilante justice. However I do think the feds need to be pressured into dealing with people like MacLearan --

They are a danger to our country and to our president. If one of these fools follows through on their threats and shoots up the capital, it will look very bad on the law enforcement who should have been paying attention to these warning signs.


It's not just warning signs : Thomas MacLearan has violated federal laws with his terroristic death threats, his call for violent government overthrow, etc ... Can a law suit be filed against the prosecutors office if they continue to sit on their hands?

I don't care if I get charged for threatening MacLearan so long as he gets taken off the street as well. This has gone on for far too long -- It's becoming deadly serious and I want to make sure something legal is done about him.

"You would think Dr. Orly would check to see what the judge has ruled on in the past."

Patrick, I'm aghast! What would make you say something so foolish.


@provocateur - I am sure that Secret Service and FBI are aware Mr MacLearan and he is on their radar. You don't want to go to jail for a nut job when someone is already keeping an eye on him.


Dean and Mini should be proud of producing such a sophmorish video. Was that woman in the beginning trying to get away from him? And who in the hell wears jeans in Hawai'i?


Skippy the Wonder Koala...LOL! Then again, after that EPIC FAIL HI trip video by Haskins, maybe that should become his new nickname.

I mean seriously...if someone wanted to put together a video polking fun of how much birthers come across as kooky dorks, they could have released pretty much the same as what Haskins and Booth did. I wow... who needs parody when these people's very reality is its own self-parody!

Hey Haskins, here's a clue... we're all laughing AT you Birthers, not with you... LMAO!


Deano has some man boobs.

Patrick McKinnion

provocateur - I'm sure that law enforcement is keeping an eye on him, but it certainly would't hurt to report him as well. In any case, best let the legal authorities handle him

Patrick McKinnion

DaveH & G - What got me was Miki Booth's blatant lie - l guess they just expect everyone to do what the birthers do and accept their lies unquestioningly.

Or maybe Miki Booth was so messed up on blow and pot during that time period she didn't know where she got it from.

Patrick McKinnion

Here's Haskins' latest video again. But with a more appropriate soundtrack instead of his "Keystone Kops" one.

The Magic M

>> not a missing ‘human’ link though. Something else…"

> Wow, racist much Dr. Kate???

I think she's rather referring to the "lizard people" here than simply to the skin colour.


@The Magic M
Wouldn't be a surprise. Once people start down the conspiracy path, it becomes surprisingly easy for them to pick up other conspiracies. Birthers, Sovereign citizens, Truthers, Holocaust deniers, they're all cut from the same cloth.


>DaveH & G - What got me was Miki Booth's blatant lie - l guess they just expect everyone to do what the birthers do and accept their lies unquestioningly.

Yeah, well that isn't even the first Miki Booth lie to come out of just this silly HI trip with Haskins.

All the earlier discussion of the trip and pics of her asking for her family's HI birth certificates completely contradicts her claims of having already received those very documents, as she's been claiming these past few years.

So the net effect of the Birther Summit visit to HI comes down to merely:

1. Documentary evidence of delusional people on a FAIL that is hilarious in pointing out how sad and loopy they are.

2. Miki Booth completely destroying any credibility she had left on tape.

That pretty much sums up all Birtherism seems to ever accomplish - making themselves look bad.

Lancelot Link

"Once people start down the conspiracy path, it becomes surprisingly easy for them to pick up other conspiracies."

You aren't kidding!
Check out this VERY special birther;

Greg Brown

I made it through 10-12 seconds of the live video of Haskins before the phrase "what a moron" began running through my head. That was enough.


@Lancelot Link...

Wow...those people are really "special". Amazing how this person claims foreknowledge *NOW* of all presidents since then to this point... but where was he with predicting or mentioning who would become president before? And how come he can't tell us who's next?

And that is where these people's fake fictional fantasies completely fall apart. Nuts and frauds like this joker are just ...sad...


Don't laugh, but Haskins throwing a shoe at a cardboard cut-out of Obama constitutes the single greatest birther victory to date.

Congratulations Dean! What's next? Drawing a Hitler mustache on it? That'll show 'em!

That Other Mike

OMg, that's Darren Huff? How very unsurprising...

Also, I think someone needs to repaint the front of his truck - I believe someone already came and took it.

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