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October 21, 2011


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I can't see how Fitzpatrick's testimony helps Huff. Crazy Walt is likely to just further sink his case...


I think that's why Darrens lawyer took one look at Wally and struck him off the witness list.


I find it amusing that people like OPVV continues to ignore that the Fed is audited every year.

I suppose it's like all those investigations into Obama's birth certificate, if it doesn't give him the result he wants, it wasn't done right.


de vattelists appear to be chiming in on the comments section with their supreme court proves Obama isn't eligible BS.


Dean Haskins is truly becoming the Bürther Führer.
PS- what makes anyone think Fitzgerald bathes more than once a month when he is outside of jail?


Is Walt testifying for the prosecution or the defense?

He's absolutely the last person this side of Charles Manson I'd want testifying for me. He'll just annoy the judge and mindlessly send a few torpedoes Huff's way.


Poor Thomas and his imaginary SOTU speech. Thomas, lots of little kids practice imaginary speeches, dreaming of the day when they'll win a Grammy or an Oscar or the Heisman. But even they know that it's better to act out your fantasies in the privacy of your room.

The Magic M

> Poor Thomas and his imaginary SOTU speech.

And again he's projecting like crazy. These people claim Obama sees himself as King, yet they behave like they would be God Emperor King Führer once they became elected...


Wow, the crazy Sellin - where to start? His stuff on Congress is so wrong. One point - the "insider trading" laws do, in fact, apply to Congress. They apply to "Any person" who is "in possession of material nonpublic information." See 15 U.S.C. 78j, 78t-1, 78u-1. I always ask anyone making that claim to SHOW me where in the law, regulations, or cases, a Member of Congress is not "any person" under that law .... Still waiting.

Gary Miller

This Dean Haskins fellow sure is a piece of work.

Not surprised at all that he's a religious zealot. Makes perfect sense, actually.

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