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October 07, 2011


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Wow...these sick fucks are really pushing their hate based Civil War/Race War fantasies, aren't they. Hey Birthers - go ahead you bigoted pieces of shit - just try to march on Nov 11 and pull some stupid coup stunt and find your asses on the receiving end of the law.

Greg Brown

I love how Jerome "Never told the truth in my life" Corsi answers to the description of cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: "He was a ... beastly, bulging man."


Dear god, Corsi is so corpulent and red faced, he looks like he's about to freaking explode. Jerry needs to lay off the red meat and eat a few salads. And lose the hate.


So commentator ""Frank Slaby · Top Commenter · Retired, Chief Warrant Officer "Gunner" at United States Navy" uses the term "marshal law"?
I smell either a fake vet or an idiot. Or both.

The Magic M

> as my British wife would say, ‘I wouldn’t wonder at it’."
> "And you, Mr. Staver, may be old enough to remember ‘The Shadow’ (aka Lamont Cranston). He had the ability to cloud men’s minds – just like the shadow that hangs over our Nation now.

Oh-oh, don't let them watch the final two episodes of the 3rd season of Dr Who (the 2005 version) - "The Master" might remind them too much of how they see Obama...

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