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November 18, 2011


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Young Taitz no sense has.

The Fail is STRONG in this one.


Wow, another day, another epic birther FAIL. A few points about Taitz:

1. According to the Scrib'd account by Whatever4, when Cook asked Taitz if she's contacted the SSA about Obama's SSN, she said "No". No mention of her failed lawsuit against the SSA Commissioner, one Michael Astrue. Once again, Taitz is caught lying to a government body;

2. Over at the Pest and Efail, the moronic Sharon Rondeau has an "interview" up with Taitz, where the Nitrous Huffer lies her ass off. She claims there were 100 in attendance (as opposed to the 40 Whatever 4 describes). She claims she "found out" that 4 of the Board members are Democrats (jeez!). And, of course, when the mini-mob was screaming at the Board, did the officer of the court do a damned thing to stop it and tell them to respect the Board? No!

As for Ann Barnhardt's comments, futures and options are inherently risky ventures. It's always been that way, and it always will be. It's has nothing to do with the President. It may be that she was shut down by big arbitration awards against her. Cry me a river.


that was GREAT!

G much to comment on! I'll start with replying 1st to WWJD's point #2:

Yeah, it is just sickening that folks like Orly, if they got their wish, would oust officials from their posts, such as the Elections Board for the mere "thought crime" of being a "democrat"...or even as Patrick notes above, being a "RINO" (re: Brad Cook, chairman of the BOE).

Again, she demonstrates that if she had power, she'd be even worse of an abuser of rights than the communist background she escaped from.

Seriously, I get really angry whenever I hear folks want to remove someone's rights or job for the mere "crime" of having a legitimate affiliation that they disagree with. I don't think it is over the top at all to say the closest analogy to that type of discriminatory behavior is Nazi Germany.


Patrick, I think maybe we should start identifying and tracking Birthers who hold or are running for office in 2012, at both the state and federal level, and see how they fare in next year's election.

As you mentioned, the NH Concord article identified State Reps Harry Accornero of Laconia, Larry Rappaport of Colebrook, and Lucien and Carol Vita of Middleton.

An updated article from the NH Concord also identified 2 more:

Dick Marple, a former state representative.

State Rep. Susan DeLemus, a Republican from Rochester.

In addition, your latest compilation also identifies Tea Party candidate (and Birtherpoolza member) Tony Dolz of Thousand Oaks, California.

I also appreciated your links and background info on the other kooks trying to run and with wacky disputes at the NH BOE meeting:

Craig Freis , Keith Russell Judd & Joseph Haas.

In regards to Cody Judy...heck, he and Ann Barnhardt and the others with attitudes like theirs are free to "Go Galt" all they want. Heck, I encourage them removing their selfish and whiney little selves from society... they won't be missed.


I can't believe the Onion's AV Club actually considers that Victoria Jackson's crap is a potential comedy act of “conceptual genius”.

The smallest amount of research would show that she's been a full-blown serious grade "complete idiot who actually believes these things and then says them out loud like even she's not really listening to herself” for quite some time now.

This is no Andy Kaufmann routine. VJ is full metal mental case and a really pathetic and annoying one at that.

Even if what she is doing was some attempt at comedic satire instead of just how brainless and unhinged she is, it still would never qualify as "conceptual genius" by any stretch of the term, as it comes across about as funny as a unwelcome bout of leaky diarrhea.


LOL! Patrick, I think you've nailed it with describing Leo's OCCUPY GRAND JURY brain fart as nothing more than "Fantasy Tiddlywinks League 2 - Electric Boogaloo". LMAO!

Also, I don't think it was his following of uneducated conspiracy idiots that is behind Leo's latest tantrum. Heck, those are the only folks that pay attention to him these days!

I suspect that blogger Squeeky Fromme probably deserves a portion of the credit for getting crybaby Leo to shut his comments down to hide away from "non-lawyers" as she's been agressively tackling his nonsense and ripping his DeVattelist and Minor v Happerset lies to shreds for the past few months.

I think he's just trying to avoid getting his ass constantly handed to him and having his little con game laid bare.


Leo the failed lawyer sez,

"From now on, if you want to post here, you must be licensed to practice law. State your real name and the jurisdiction(s) you are licensed in. NO EXCEPTIONS."

So now he has a blog with only his posts.



@G: I think the AV Club's problem was that they assumed (I know) that because she'd been a comedienne, that her claim to fame was acting in comedy troupes, that this was yet another comedy act. I'm sure they didn't think she was serious about it, and would be rightly horrified if (or when) they're informed that yeah, she does believe this crap.


"Patrick, I think maybe we should start identifying and tracking Birthers who hold or are running for office in 2012, at both the state and federal level, and see how they fare in next year's election."

G, let me submit Georgia State Rep. Sean Jerguson as birther extraordinaire, who was a sponsor for the state's HB401, Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act in the last session. Jerguson seems to be a de Vattelist. Here he is speaking with none other than Carl Swensson.

Jerguson was also one of the top recipients of federal stimulus dollars (for his gun shop/firing range), in the amount of $755K:

Expect great birtherism from this one starting in January.

The Magic M

> "We know where they were born," Vita said of the Republicans.

I have strong doubts these morons even know the names of the GOP candidates' parents, let alone know (in the sense of "have proof of") their citizenship.

I'm used to politicians spouting utter nonsense with a straight face, but this kind of "what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander" can only apply to people who already suffere from severe ODS and birtherism.

Then again, when have birthers ever answered "have you seen GWB's BC?" with anything but "Congress vetted him" (and implying "and they weren't traitors back then")?


sunkawakan - thanks for the info & links!!!

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