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November 25, 2011


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Pat, just FYI... re the new filing by Orly that is not an appeal in either Astrue or Ruemmler. Her appeals were previously filed.

It is a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus. Orly is asking the D.C. Court of Appeal to direct Judge Lamberth to Order the production of Obama's original BC and Astrue to produce his original SS-5.

Nice thought (and a losing one in any event), but once she filed the appeal Judge Lamberth no longer maintains jurisdiction.


While Orly is begging the New Hampshire General Court for a rehearing, her "plaintiff" Neil Turner is busy sending hate mail to New Hampshire House leadership.

Gotta love the way the birthers coordinate their strategy!

The Magic M

> It's hard to put that much racism and sedition into such a short paragraph, but MacLeran manages to do it.

And bonus points for the irony of calling for a violation of the Posse Comitatus act, something birthers have claimed was violated during the arrest of Darren Huff.

Then again, MacLeran is the one who thinks that if he were President, he'd be God Emperor, Führer and above the Constitution as well. Delusions of grandeur...

The Magic M

> Irey is on record as saying the long form was a forgery before he ever saw it, and neither Vogt or Papa have any document forensic experience. Neither does Irey for that matter.

Also both Vogt and Irey have deliberately misrepresented their findings, something that would disqualify them as experts in court even if they were to survive a Daubert hearing.


>While Orly is begging the New Hampshire General >Court for a rehearing, her "plaintiff" Neil >Turner is busy sending hate mail to New >Hampshire House leadership. Gotta love the way >the birthers coordinate their strategy!

Well, considering that Mad Orly often directly threatens those she is appealing to as "traitors" if they don't see things her way, I see hate mail from the Birtheristani Flying Monkey Brigade as in-line with her own behavior.

Simply put, threats are part of her M.O. It is definitely a terrible strategy, but it is the one she regularly employs herself, nonetheless.


"Unlike Dean Haskins or other birthers, I actually like spending the holidays with my family."

Presumably your family doesn't live in dread of you subjecting them to wingnuttery all weekend, either .


"Russ Stenton
November 27th, 2011 @ 9:45 pm


I disagree with what you had to say. I believe Obama is ineligible. I don’t know how to respond to what you had to say , as quite frankly, I’m not sure the facts are on my side. However, we need Obama out of office. If it takes pushing an eligibility theory that demonizes him, regardless if it’s true, we need to do whatever it takes to get him out of office. The liberals use dirty tricks all the time so why shouldn’t we?

Anyway I’m not going to call you names or “obot” or anything because only liberals call people names. Conservatives and birthers don’t stoop so low as to employ Alinsky tactics.

Just please don’t bother us with your information. Orly is doing Gods work and she needs to not be harassed by obama robots.

ps. God bless you Orly. Keep up the hard work.

Hmm... Something like that just makes you go hmmmmmmmmm. whodunit

Thomas Brown

"only liberals call people names"....


Stop it, Russ. Yer killin' me.


interesting thread highlighting the birther plague spreading and dividing the conservative movement.

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