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November 04, 2011


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Wow...just wow.

After more than 3 years of following these nuts go off the deep end, it just astounds me to see that they continue to each spiral further and further downward into utter madness in their own way. Most of them seem way past the point of clinical insanity now. Just how much more unhinged can they get? At what point do they each become unable to tie their own shoes or wipe their own drool from their chins? Seems like most of them are pretty darn near that point.


Agreed. I think it's a measure of their desperation that they're going so far off the deep end. Not only have they not gotten anywhere in the courts for the past three years, they've been steadily getting eased out of the media and political arena. Conservative politicians aren't pandering to them any more. The public has been ignoring them, and now they realize that their "great uprising" isn't going to happen. Sucks to be them.

I do think sometimes that the closure of all those mental hospitals and strictures on commitment were a bad thing. Like when I read all these birther idiots,


It seems like the zenith of the Birfers was a couple minutes before the President's speech that night. He made Donald Trump look like the circus clown he is.

It been all down hill since then.


I have no words for that lame cherry article. Just... wow


Out of curiousity, at what point can a judge throw the book at Orly, if she continues to use the affidavit from Linda Jordan?

Surely Orlys legal records are available to any new judge she comes across, who will then be able to see that she has already had it turned down a number of times only to find a new excuse to submit it.


"Fran?? Did you check the closets for Muslims??"

Pat -- I just spewed Diet Coke on my laptop screen!


Holy cow! Lame Cherry has gone over the edge.

Greg Brown

Lame Cherry is crazier than a shithouse rat.


When people who are used to having things their way, don't, it does something to them. In Lame Cherry's case, something stone-cold crazy.

Does that person have any friends/family who'll even stay in the same grid square with him?


When people who are used to having things their way, don't, it does something to them. In Lame Cherry's case, something stone-cold crazy.

I don't think it's a matter of progression in Lame Cherry's case: going back to 2008, she was just as paranoid and crazy then, complete with nauseating sexual imagery.

I wonder more about the relatively coherent, rational people (at least compared to Lame Cherry) who comment on World Nut Daily and the like. Most of them seem satisfied with just venting the same "String "em up" rhetoric day after day. As poor JB Williams has found, few of them actually have the drive to get up off the couch (other than no-nonsense-nancy, of course, who is always up for a march on something somewhere).

But then there's those 4 old cranks whom the FBI arrested in Georgia, who actually went beyond fulminating in front of their keyboards and started buying poison and weapons .... You just never know.

Does that person have any friends/family who'll even stay in the same grid square with him?

I do find it astounding that LC is quoted by other bloggers, even wackadoos like Dr. Kate, because it's so obvious that her elevator doesn't go to the top story. But I guess as long as somewhere in her gibberish there are nasty comments about Obama and Michelle Obama, she'll be quoted by people who like to quote that kind of thing.


Good points MaryRC. I agree completely with your analysis.

Folks like Lame Cherry have been seriously mentally diseased and off the deep end since the beginning.

Dr. Kate showed signs of it, simmering under the surface all along, with her crazy water memory beliefs...but her progression to full-blown crazy is pretty clear and quick to track in her posts over the past few years. The very fact that she started linking to LC more and more over time is a good indicator. In fact, you could say she's been full-blown infected by LC.

If anything, this tells me that crazy is definitely contagious amongst a certain susceptible portion of our populous and that they are able to infect each other in spiraling down into full blown madness.


very good news,your are good boy!

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