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December 02, 2011


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Greg Brown

Patrick, you always do good work, but your rejoinder here is one of your very best. Let us all look back on the "Muslims," who have tried to destroy the United States:

"You mean Muslim terrorists like Timothy McVeigh, Jared Loughner, James von Brunn, Anders Breivik, Eric Rudolph, James Kopp, Paul Jennings Hill, Scott Roeder, Michael F. Griffin, Peter James Knight, Shelley Shannon, John Salvi, Matt Goldsby, Jimmy Simmons, Kathy Simmons, Kaye Wiggins, Paul Ross Evans, Clayton Waagner, Iron Guard, Lăncieri, Lord's Resistance Army, Army of God, Hutaree, The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, The Freemen Community, Aryan Nations, Aryan Republican Army, Phineas Priesthood, Jerry R. Kane Jr., Joseph T. Kane, Schaeffer Cox, Michael Bray, David Leach, Donald Spitz, Fritz Springmeier, Gordon Kahl, among others??"

Also, "college student" Chris Farrell, looks like he is shoveling it, as I was once accused, and rightly so, by a professor in my undergrad days, "with a golden shovel."

Great work, Pat. Keep it up.


I agree with everything Greg Brown said. Kudos as always Patrick for your work.

Is it just me, or are we seeing yet another uptick in Birther rants deserving of Secret Service monitoring?

And this crazed Chris Farrell that has popped up all of a sudden and is crapping his crazy everywhere... definite signs there of someone on the verge of snapping.


"are we seeing yet another uptick"

I've noticed that too. I see a lot of veiled and not-so-veiled threats on WND and Gatewaypundit to police officers, state and federal law enforcement officers, and members of the military who might choose to remain on the side of the law and not join the Birthers.

I believe they're looking at the sad field of Republican candidates and getting desperate and frustrated. On top of that, mainstream Republicans are ignoring them with their support of Romney. Their leaders have utterly failed them.


Bob, this has certainly been one of my concerns ever since the initial rise of the PUMA and then Birther movements.

In some ways, the delusions of Birtherims are a double-edged sword:

It is very annoying to deal with all the lies, crazy conspiracy claims and endless frivolous lawsuits and other attempts they endlessly waste time on to try to magically erase an election result they simply can not come to terms with.

However, these futile and vapid efforts are merely tilting at windmills, when it all comes down to it. As there is no factual or real basis behind their claims, nothing will ever come of them...other than a huge waste of time, money and endless propaganda.

Then again, at least they are wasting their time and money on such fools errands and that such inane distractions fill them with a continuing sense of false hope.

The more concerning point is what happens to such unhinged and unreasonable individuals when they finally run out of useless exercises and they have no more frivolous lawsuits, fantasy grand juries, angry letter writing campaigns, legislative failures and pathetic mini-gatherings to desperately cling onto to maintain their delusions?

A reasonable person would finally go through the accepting stage of grief and just move one with their life.

However, very few of these die-hard deadenders appear to have any shred of "reasonable" left...and I don't know if they can recover. Such angry and unstable folks are more prone to snap and feel that they have nothing to lose and no other recourse than to cross the line into taking actions that attempt to harm others...

THIS is why they deserve constant monitoring, as they are really ticking time-bombs and sooner or later some of them are going to go off...

The Magic M

> Namely, Woodman demonstrated that many of the letters that Irey chose to blow up for comparison are from a vertical section of the document where it appears that the copier or scanner caused a distortion. Irey concedes that Woodman is correct.

I told him this time and again over at WND. He refused to acknowledge it and, after some time of defending the undefendable, resorted to a patronizing tone, then the usual goalpost moving ("so you think Obama is a good President?") and finally silence.

Very telling that it took public pressure (John Woodman's book) to finally admit these flaws. Intellectual honesty looks different to me.

Gary Miller

This Chris Farrell is a birther to keep an eye on. A real up-and-comer. He and Butterdezillion would be a match made in heaven.


On the NH ballot stuff, one of the reasonable NH state Reps on the Dem side made the innocent mistake of replying to one of KBOA's insane rants on the topic and trying to reasonbly correct the record.

So she responded in her typical obsessive stalker fashion and not only ranted back, but also has made him "part of the conspiracy" and included him in 2 of her video rants:

I totally feel for the guy. He had no idea how crazy and beyond reason that Birthers are.


"Daffy Duck could defeat Obama in 2012"

I didn't know that Daffy
Duck was a republican. It seems there are several ducks and one Daisy Duck.


""Perhaps this sounds ‘tin helmet’ to you, but don’t you find it interesting and even a bit frightening that Obama put forth an Executive Order to create all kinds of FEMA camps?"

Just like Truman, Ike, Kennedy, Johnson, didn't get serious until the Nixon, then Ford fucked it up and Carter & Ronnie Rayguns had to straighten it out. then G Bush, then the Clintons kept it going. Then GW Bush and it went into high budget and high gear. All these camps were renovated under GW Bush (George II)

Birthers are such morons...

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