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December 14, 2011


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'So let me get this straight. Dr. Orly wants the sheriff of Mariposa County, Arizona, to go with her to Hawaii to enforce an improper subpoena issued in the State of Georgia.

What part of "out of jurisdiction" does she not understand??'

Apparently, Orly does not consider the sovereign of the states an important issue. During the Convention, when debating state sovereignty and equal representation, I believe it is recorded that Mr. Martin made a long speech and read from various authors regarding sovereignty and natural law. One of those authors happened to be Vattel.

The one area we know Vattel (among others) was actually quoted during the debates, and the birthers attempt to violate it with wild abandon. Did they forget that the right wing is about state's rights?

Mark M

Of course Trump isn't forthcoming with the cash to the birthers. They don't understand how he rolls. One of the myriad ways Trump makes money is by selling his name in association with other people's projects. Got a new office building going up? For a hefty fee, you can add Trump's name to the prospectus and press release to help lure in investors. The size of the fee depends on the size of the project, the market, and the location.

Trump's not bashful about making the overture, either. He approached a local developer, proposing the use of his name in association with the developer's project, for a "mere" $2 million fee. The developer told him to go take a hike.

If the birthers want anything from Trump, they have to pay HIM, not vice-versa.


"You wear your long, stringy, greasy, straight, gray hair hanging straight down (just like your old ugly and saggy boobs), as if you believe you are still young."

Sounds like a spot on description of Fran MacLeran. :p

The Magic M

> "There is no question that we outnumber our enemy at least ten to one, perhaps higher."
Yeah, just look at the tens of people that attend birther rallies and the like!

His calculation probably is "birther rally = 10 persons, Obama = 1 person, therefore we outnumber him 10:1". ;-)


Double birther smack down in the news today ;)

and Anderson Cooper poking fun at WND for their flying banner over closed stadium:

love it :)

Gregory Brown

Pat, I love, love LOVE the plastic army guys, and I can see McLeran playing with them on his kitchen table, and making the gun sounds with his mouth. Oh, county confusion, Arpaio is Maricopa County Sheriff.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio has bigger problems to deal with than Birthers. The Feds are investigating his agency for systemic civil rights violations...

Joe Acerbic

It might be worth noting that the investigation of Shurf Joe has gone on for a few years but his birfoonery started quite recently. He knew that the excrement was about to hit the ventilation device and figured that right about now he could use the support of a horde of absolutely fanatic and absolutely brainless kooks.

The said kooks are of course ignoring the timeline and claiming that the investigation began three years ago because of the Shurf's birfoonery that began a few months ago.

ASK Esq.

As per usual, Orly doesn't seem to be able to understand what she's writing. She recommends that potential clients outside of California tell their court that, since they can't afford in-state counsel, please, oh please, pretty pleaze with sugar on top, let them retain out-of-state counsel. At what point does out-of-state mean the same as free? Just because Orly's legal services are worthless, doesn't necessarily mean they don't cost anything.

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