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December 05, 2011


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Wow...what a load of crazy out in Birtheristan!

Personally, I hope the FBI, etc. are still keeping an eye on old Walt. I have a feeling he'll be getting himself back into trouble in no time.

Re: Cao - What exactly is a "Diversion" program, and what does it usually entail?

Re: Dan O'Brien & the P&E. Damn, that post is beyond just sedition, it is a demand for full on insurrection! These twisted and sad folks are really pushing the limits of exercising free speech... personally, I feel it crosses the line.


Orly is the worst litigator I've ever seen.


Glix, that is one hell of an under-statement...


I cannot wait for Jeffie's videos of the upcoming Amended Motion.


Arapio has a long history of not investigating rapes and burgerlies and other violent crime.

Back in 2009 the Goldwater Institute did a report on him.

"The Tribune recounts the instance of a 15-year-old girl in El Mirage who entered a convenience store and reported a rape to the store’s manager.
Paramedics took the girl to a hospital, where evidence of sexual assault was found.
The sheriff’s office dispatched a detective from the special victims unit to the hospital, but thereafter it appears no investigation whatsoever took place. Yet less than a month later, MCSO closed the case as “exceptionally cleared,” despite having no suspect and while still awaiting DNA evidence"

"The Tribune reviewed 350 violent crime files and found no evidence of MCSO investigations
of 18 armed robberies and 12 sexual assaults"

This has been going on since 2007. Murder rate has skyrockted in Joe's domain while dropping in other parts of Arizona. There are tens of thousands of unserved felony warrants. Police either have to drive hours to book a suspect due to Arapio closing booking facilities or cite and release the suspect. Since immigration status as well as if seeing the person has commited other crimes at the booking station bringing in people is one huge way illegal immigrants and wanted criminals are found. Citing and releasing is a joke played on Arizona since Arapio wasted millions of dollars on raids that only got illegals who were already being investigated by the local police. Arapio is either criminally negligent or incredibly incompetent.

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