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January 12, 2012


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The parents of these little angels are in for a rude awakening. It has been my experience that children raised in houses where the thought process is strictly controlled tend to zoom over to the opposite side of the spectrum as soon as they can.

Case in point, my niece--raised by two Vietnam-era tree-hugging hippies manques parents who pounded an extremely left-of-center political philosophy into her constantly--turned into one of the most conservative and devoutly pious young woman you'd ever hope to meet.


I would like to point out that as a teen (in the mid-90's) I was allowed to join a boy scout troop even though I was and AM female. If the BSA let girls join (I don't think they still do) then why can't the GIRL scouts let a GIRL join?! This whole thing is stupid.

I'm a mother of a Brownie and a Cadet and I would like to confirm that your daughter is right about the bridging process and recognitions associated. I know that you already know she's right, but I thought I would add another voice of support for this whole thing being bunk based on her sash not adding up with her story.


Diet be damned. I'm gonna load up on Tagalongs and Thin Mints because of this.


You gotta figure the GSA has always been viewed as a little bit suspect by the nutso right. They're all about empowerment aren't they? Even the cookies, they aren't anything to do with baking, more about achieving market success in a dog-eat-dog retail environment.


I'll have to see if my spouse has any co-workers peddling GS cookies and buy some. The shortbread cookies have always been my downfall. I did see the supposed 14 year old who was complaining about the GSA. I'm always amazed at those who claim to be religious are the most intolerant of all.

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