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February 20, 2012


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Rambo Ike

@ Patty

Ah! It's the lastest edition of 'Dancing With The 0b0ts'. You now perform your infamous 'McKinnion Shuffle' to obscure reality.

Your claim is the forums of World Net Daily, Canada Free Press, and The Post & Email "show utter contempt towards the Constitution, their fellow citizens, and every single moral and legal principle this country was founded on".

It's funny, that in over 10 years of reading articles by their writers, I've never seen what you're claiming.

Are you confusing the forums with their writers? It's a known fact that the 0b0ts have continuously, over the last 4 years, infiltrated those forums to spew hatred against those that write in support of America's founding principles and rule of law. Usually they end their unAmerican rantings inferring "you're a racist if you don't support 0bumm0".

Show me an article by a WorldNetDaily writer that is doing what you're claiming?

Patrick McKinnion

"Rambo Ike" - So you haven't seen any unconstitutional or racist comments in any of those, and if there are, they're all done by "obots" infiltrating those forums, is that what you're saying.

Well lets see. Last fall you had Larry Klayman calling for a march and revolt on Washington - which was printed in in WND. Both Canada Free Press and Post and eMail had Lawrence Sellin and his calls for military coups and armed overthrow of the government. The Post and eMail also gave Gordon Epperly a forum to promote his belief that Aftican-Americans are only "14th Amendment citizens" and therefore are unable to be "natural born citizens". And you've got Mark McGrew in Pravda OnLine who's not just called for military coups, but for foreign governments to invade the United States and overthrow the government.

That's just off the top of my head.

Which isn't counting all the times I've seen the commenters calling for governmental overthrow, assassination, military coups, military juntas, and other "remedies" not found in the Constitution. I've seen both writers and commenters in those forums calling for restrictions on freedom of speech (if they don't agree with what the other person is saying), freedom of religion (if they don't believe in the other person's religion), and even that people they don't agree with sound be banned from owning firearms. The Post and Mail in particular has a writer who routinely calls for people of certain religions to be stripped of citizenship and deported - even if they were born in this country and have served his country's military honorably.

It's more than a bit intellectually dishonest to suggest that all of those people are "infiltrators", eh??

Rambo Ike

@ Patty

I see I have that 1 question backasswards. Should read: Are you confusing the writers with the comments in their respective forums?

I can honestly say I haven't seen any writer from the 3 sites I listed that even showed hints regarding the accusations you're making. Why would they when the majority of their articles are about honoring and defending those Freedom Charters; America's founding principles & laws.

The racist stuff is another matter. After a good amount of time being accused of being a racist for not supporting 0bumm0, some of them [myself included] hit back, mostly via taunting, with similar derogatory remarks. It did not matter if you've never supported a DemoRat, don't believe his Immaculate Birth Deception, or the really BIG ONE; repulsed at his lifelong associations with the farleft [american hating commies, socialists, marxist, and muslims]. To the 0b0ts it had to be about his skin color - nothing else mattered to them.

Is that 'forum restrictions' due to the vile and racist language? I'm assuming you're referring to OPOVV as the one wanting to deport muslims. Actually he's being a softie on it. My list includes many others - around 20 million - besides the muslims who need to be tossed out of our country. And, some of them who committed capital crimes [Fort Hood comes to mind] need to be executed. My preferred style for the muslims is their head on the Chopping Block. Instead of Jihad, you, as an 0b0t, probably see Fort Hood, and rolling grenades into tents killing American troops, as a work place crimes. Only exception I'd make are those muslims, now called infidels, who have truly denounced Islam, and see it as one of the world's modern day evils.

Going on the assumption you're telling the truth on the other 4 you listed: I agree with both Klayman & Sellin, except for the part of a military coup on government. McGrew is in LaLaLand, pay no attention to that nonsense. Epperly, who I've never seen post, is a complete idiot. The truth: Blacks were just as much citizens as whites starting with America's founding. The 14th Amendment was never needed. See Ben Franklin's self-evident truths.

It's really showing of your hypocrisy to point the finger at patriotic sites when you and your flock of 0b0ts have run cover for and supported 0bumm0 & his marxist mafia's CommieSocialist agenda for America. It sure looks like a MELTS Society operating in the Bad Fiction forum.

Patrick McKinnion

"Rambo Ike" - I was talking directly about the writers themselves. The comments are an entirely different kettle of fish.

All I will say about Fort Hood is that I hope the shooter gets a fair trial under the UCMJ. And receives the appropriate penalty for his actions. And yes, that includes the death penalty when he's found guilty. I believe he dishonored his rank and uniform, and should pay the cost. As I believe should be applied to anyone in the military who performs such actions.

Anyone in the military. Of any belief or religion. Period.

20 million of your fellow citizens eh? Quite the little list. Other than "people who don't believe the same as I do", who else gets thrown under the bus for the thoughtcrime of unrambothink??

Not that it matters, because the fact you have so little regard for your fellow citizens or the Constitution and the rights within that document speaks volumes. No wonder you have such a de Vattel fetish, since de Vattel favored restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press (not to mention the right to carry arms for that matter).

One slight problem with your claim that "Blacks were just as much citizens as whites starting with America's founding". In slave-owning states, a child took the status of the mother - which means they were slaves as well no matter what race the father was. Even in free states, black citizens faced barriers to association, employment, housing, education, among others. After the Civil War, the 14th amendment was needed to confirm that all born in this country had the same rights no matter what their race - not to mention correcting the wrong that had been done in Scott v Sanford.

You can call it "hypocrisy" all you want. I simply have no tolerance to see people claim to be patriots and wrap themselves in the flag, while at the same time taking a piss on the Constitution and ever principal this country stands for

Rambo Ike

@ Patty

Laughing at your silliness. How lame! You might be talking about the writers themselves, but those accusations still do not fit the 3 sites I listed. If by "fellow citizens" you mean those who have been involved politically, then yes, but still, extremely mild compared to what has spewed from Leftist writers.

Yeah, I'm for a fair trial for the jihad doctor followed by the chopping block.

Did I say 20 million citizens? Read it again.

"One slight problem with your claim that "Blacks were just as much citizens as whites starting with America's founding".

You're speaking of what the man-made positive laws did. I was talking the Natural Law of America's founding in The Declaration that didn't discriminate.

The Declaration's self-evident truths: all men are created equal with unalienable Rights [life & liberty] inherited from God our Creator that can't be taken away by the positive law. Under God's Law all are born equally with the same rights. The evil was the colonist not honoring their founding creed. Some use the term 'men' to exclude women - I see it as all human beings

Something to ponder: The term 'men' used singular as 'man' or 'mann' in older versions of english was used also at times to mean humankind [I've gotten arguments on that]. Thus all equally born with the same rights.

"...taking a piss on the Constitution and every principle this country stands for."

You just described what I have watched for more than a decade coming from the left side of the political aisle.

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