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February 24, 2012


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Rambo Ike

Note to Patty

Salon is a far-Left political rag cut from the same cloth as the stalinist Nation mag.

Patrick McKinnion

Note to Rambo Ike - I use a wide variety of sources. Cope.


Well, it was quite an eventful day in IN for Orly...

Between her smackdown there and the Article II PAC response to her, I'm sure she's going to be in full rabidly frothing mode when she attempts to crash the CA Candidate Forum on Saturday... the same one that told her she can't speak and his since disinvited her... and of which she still plans to attend...

Yeah... that's going to end "well"...


Orly and her followers don't even have the level of understanding of courtroom procedure as pro se litigants in small claims court. Orly's uses her ears only to hang earrings, never for listening.

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