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February 01, 2012


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Orly was lawyer and witness in Georgia and now she wants to be the court reporter as well.


"1 February - Sometimes Thomas MacLeran is simply pathetic.

"When I was a little tyke, eight and a half, I remember my first Cub Scout Jamboree when I was looking forward to my first night away from home and my first night in a sleeping bag. Very exciting, and I wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible.""

Reads like a Penthouse letter to NAMBLA. That's not so much pathetic as it is down right creepy, IMHO. Not an accusation, just an observation. Creepy. *shudders*


As far as I'm concerned Haskins is a sleaze ball, he harassed an 80 yr old mother on her dead infant daughter. He (and Orly too) Insisted he will find evidence of Obama stealing little Virginia’s ID and BC,then he found that Obama is not named Virgina Sunahara , that was a bummer. All he did is prove Virginia was born on the same day, in a different city, a different hospital with a different BC number. That’s his great case! Idiot!


I guess McLaren was never told that it's the mattress dealer who's forbidden to remove the tag, not the purchaser. Or, like his other paranoid delusions, he was told but he refused to believe it.

Greg Brown

Estiveo, I agree that MacLeran's missive about his Cub Scout days is extremely creepy, not to mention dumber than a bag of hammers. On another front, upon seeing Swift Boat Liar Corsi's bloated mug yammering away on video with the same old long-debunked birther memes, my first, and natural reaction was intense revulsion, but the second was that this guy is nothing more than a clown at this point. He has thrown everything at the wall, nothing has stuck, and now he's just going through the motions. Sad, sad clown.


"Case in point, Sunahara v Fuddy." Agreed.

Although I continue to applaud the more sensible writings of Dean as of late, the sheer irony of his "sensible" words in light of everything he has done leading into "Sunahara v Fuddy" is overwhelming. One of these days, he seriously needs to look in the mirror and get a clue...

ALSO, re: Walt Fitzpatrick... egads! What a steaming pile of SovCit Crazy that was!

I don't get how the SovCit movement has "survived" as long as it has on the legal circuit. I can't imagine that any of their crazy talk ever flies in any real court...

Further, this wasn't just standard SovCit nuttery in Walt's latest filing - it blends all sorts of extreme theocratic fundamentalist claptrap into the mix.

I find it so utterly ironic that these delusional folks can't see that they have more in common with the Taliban than they do with American principles and the Constitution that they proclaim to worship...


Add one to the list of GOPers at the hearing in Georgia. In 2010 Irion ran for congress in Tennessee as a ... Republican!


You know, a good lawyer would actually get the names right of the people and organizations he or she are suing.

Yes, but a good lawyer wouldn't get within a country mile of a case like this.


So...the President's counsel ignores the case and it's because he has no proof, but for three years it's been "He spent $2 million dollars to obstruct us from finding out the truth" (which also is untrue). Why is it I'm not surprised that NO MATTER WHAT...the actions of our dear President and/or his counsel are construed to mean he's lying. Sheesh...


I'm sure y'all will see it soon, but Judge Malihi ruled in favor of the defendants. So, that's Empty Chair 1, Orly 0.


Tomorrow's White House Press Release Today:



Orly is already claiming that Obama "got to the judge", and all the comments are end of the world type of stuff. It is funny and sad at the same time.

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