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March 09, 2012


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Patrick, fyi, I think you have a missing blockquote end in 8 March near the end of the WND discussion (after recycling Berg and McCrae).

Feel free to delete this as it was meant more for your use.

(Oops!! Fixed - Patrick)

Gary Miller

I'm convinced that Butterdezillion would be a fascinating subject for a film documentary.


WND & Birtheristan are sure having a very rough time digesting all of these Court smackdowns and their big EPIC FAIL media charade with Sheriff Arpaio.

They are either seething towards the snapping point or desperately floundering to grasp onto the moldiest oldies of long debunked rumours...or both at the same time.

We are moving closer to a very dangerous and dark period of irrational hate from the crazies.

The Magic M

> The only thing that would make it better would be a silhouette of a man and two robots in the lower right corner providing commentary during the video.

I don't get it. Is that a reference to something?

Patrick McKinnion

The Magic M - Yep. Mystery Science Theatre 3000


on the morning of shurf ho's presser, wnd ran the following:

See which major networks plan on covering Cold Case Posse results

... media organizations from all political persuasions are seeking admittance to a news conference to be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio ...

... Top national media organizations have indicated their plans to attend, and bookings for radio and television reports are in the works. Expected are reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, Univision, the Washington Times and NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates, as well statewide radio networks, among many others."

guess nobody took the bait.

which is what happens if you don't have a little something called "credibility" to sprinkle on it.


IANAMD, but Rudy appears to be a good candidate for Clozapine.

Thomas Brown

I think it might take a Pez dispenser full of Thorazine.

Cathy Kobgabler

Interestingly, just a few miles away from Rudy when he was making this tape, a flight attendent went off her meds and ranted like this on an American Airlines flight. But her rant was diagnosed as a "medical problem".

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