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April 13, 2012


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Actually, the reason the swiftboating of Kerry worked is that it had some nonpolitical motivation and was superficially plausible.

There were a number of vets angry at Kerry for his statements about the war, so there's a pool of people ready made to go. Second, all you have to do is find some who were in the general vicinity of Kerry's actions or knew him in Vietnam. It's easy to do a "he said--she said" game without looking like an obvious nutcase.

The birther stuff? It's totally insane to the casual observer. The only people willing to get sucked into it are those who would never, ever have considered voting for Obama. Because, you know, his tan is a little too dark.


Robert Laity is known as 'lame-ass' laity, he's a loser malcontent from Tonowanda New York who went from 'deck-swabber' to 'toilet swabber ' in one easy step; and SOMEHOW that's Obama's fault!!

He could'nt tell you the time of day with three watches, an alarm clock, AND someone whispering in his ear!!!


I think you are right, Patrick. As long as wealthy men are willing to cough up some bucks to keep this up, it will not go away.

And the threat of an assassination attempt has worried me from day 1 as these vile creatures try to drive some as-yet-unknown psychopath over the edge. I have complete faith in the USSS to thwart any such attempt.

Leapyear Sleep

The Apuzzo videos are well worth watching. The sound is not great, but the picture is hirez, so at full screen you get to see the judge covering his mouth and otherwise trying to hide the fact that he is almost laughing out loud.

It is interesting, because the "evidence" Apuzzo is trying to present is almost identical that of the "Cold Case Posse". (We know that they both got it from the same source.)

The reception given to Apuzzo is a good preview of what would happen if Arpaio ever dared to try to get his presented in a real courtroom.

Bryan Slot

Point about the Arizona Tea Party petition to get the Democratic party to 'fess up on Obama documentation. As this would be a letter to a private party the "full faith and credit" clause of the Constitution would not apply.

The Magic M

> Of course, Dr. Orly is claiming she's all but won the election and is just waiting for the coronation.

The only place she's been "winning" (i.e. leading the other GOP candidates) so far are online polls, after she called her flying monkeys to "keep voting". No surprise.


I don't recognize any of the other Republicans in the California Senate primary. Since Feinstein is a shoo-in to be the top vote-getter, some Democrats may vote for Orly to screw with the Republicans. I'll probably vote for one of the Peace and Freedom candidates.

The Magic M

> "Obama is under arrest at this time. It remains only for Law enforcement to take him into custody."

It's funny how cranks think alike.

"The Rapture *did* come, we just didn't notice."
"We *have* been invaded by aliens, they just happen to look like humans."
"Obama *is* under arrest, he just hasn't been arrested yet."


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