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April 09, 2012


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Sam C

I don't know what the original topic was of the cartoon you posted, but I am confident that it was neither pro-birther nor racist.

The cartoonist, Steve Bell, has his work published in The Guardian, a centre-left (in European terms) or rabidly left-wing socialist (in US terms) newspaper.

I am 100% confident that Steve Bell would prefer Barack Obama over absolutely any Republican, but also that he is disgusted at Obama's failure to fulfil pre-election promise. The cartoon might refer to Obama's failure to act decisively or swiftly on the abomination that is Guantanamo Bay.

Please don't assume this cartoon is in context.

The Magic M

This seems to be the original context of the cartoon:

Indeed, the Guantanamo reference was correct.

Gary Miller

Lame Cherry makes Butterdezillion look sane.


Why on earth haven't Blogspot/Blogger removed Lame Cherry's blog by now, when it's clearly in violation of their policy on hate speech?


Someone is blaming the Jesuits? How refreshingly 19th-century.

Graham Shevlin

Hey, when I lived in the UK, we blamed "The Gnomes of Zurich" for the Suez 1956 fiasco, and for the devluation of the pound in 1967. Those cabals live for a long time...


Joe Arpaio's best buddy Andrew Thomas just got disbarred because Thomas and Arpaio ignored ethics and attacked their political enemies. Arpaio is gonna go to jail for a billion years.

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