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May 30, 2012


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How exactly does Romney's wimpy, non-rejection of Donald Trump win over the Birthers?


Once again, I look at Trump and conclude that the dilophosaurus is not extinct.


Rudy's 5/30 video comments repeatedly calling for beheading of Obama have SERIOUSLY crossed the line. I hope everyone is reporting that particular youtube post to the Secret Service and any other proper authorities and point them to the statement timeframes as Patrick noted.

It is clearly seditious incitement and encouragement to the many increasingly angry and unstable nuts out there to attempt real physical harm against the President and an every expanding list of others. The sample selection of reaction commentary from the video's followers that Patrick cited here is clear proof of that!

Normally I just laugh at Rudy's over the top outrage and little videos. This one went too far and has clearly crossed the line. I would assume that it violates YouTube's own policies as well and complaints should be reported there as well...


In response to Bob's comment above, can anyone tell me how Romney's wimpy and insincere responses to everything end up "winning over" anyone at all?

Seriously. I simply don't get the appeal of Romney beyond that to ODS sufferers, he is simply "not Obama"...

Never have I seen a candidate who so constantly becomes increasingly less and less impressive and less and less credible, the longer you see and hear him...


Interesting theory from the Atlantic but as far as I can see it, it wasn't the President releasing his long-form birth certificate that gave the birthers a new lease on life, but Trump entering the birther ring in the first place.

At least, that's how it seems to me. It was Trump that gave birthers legitimacy of a sort and brought them into the mainstream. He made it OK for Wolf Blitzer and the rest to actually discuss this nonsense.

Despite his childish petulance and viciousness, Trump has a high public profile and a reputation (however ill-deserved) as a successful businessman. As far as I can tell, he was the first to pick up the birther torch who wasn't a shady con-man or a laughable kook. Other people with mainstream jobs and reputations (federal and state politicians, Joe Arpaio) climbed on the bandwagon afterwards but he led the way.

I think the birther movement would still be confined to the shadows if Trump hadn't decided that this was a way to garner attention.

The Magic M

"(ALL soldiers who accept him as their CinC are committing TREASON)"

I'm getting REALLY curious who's behind all the birther stuff. The constant calls for the US military to disobey all orders are quite alarming and may point to a more sinister plan than just "making sure the black guy isn't re-elected".

"And this year they're only in "contact with Hawaii government officials""

Maybe that again translates to "mailman" or "janitor" or "temporary intern" as usual?

Orly Taitz-Supporter

When Obama's people go on for over a YEAR that there is "No Long-Form Birth Certificate", & then release what they said is the Long-Form, only MORON's & Fools call people "Birthers" that call it "Fishy" and "Questionable"!

Socialist & Communist Obama Lovers are the Whacko's, because they don't want Obama to Prove that he was born in the U.S., let alone care if he wasn't! All of the Non-Birther Whacko's want a President that doesn't give a rip about the U.S. Constitution and do everything to have the Government CONTROL every aspect of our lives from cradle to grave! Our founders, and our great-great-great grandparents, left their country, families, and possessions to escape a government like the one that Obama believes is so wonderful. The non-birther idiots have this fantasy thoughts that Communism and Socialism will mean they will never need to care about anything because government will be there to care for them. I hate to burst your bubbles, but drop your socialist textbooks and read some history books written by real author's that are experts on Communism/Socialist History because they lived under your dream regime government! Those who may say "it works for China!" are MORONS!

The Chinese have had to give up ALL freedoms under their system, because you can't have Democracy & Liberty under Socialism & Communism! Think you can have a Blog like this? NOT! Think you will be able to speak your mind, or bitch about the government? WRONG! Think your kids will have the right to be what he wants to be? Wrong again! The government will pick out the "winners & losers" just like your Obama & his commie czars! They think "Central Planning" is the key to the future. It's their way of DICTATING what all of us "pee-on's" will do, buy, and waste our hard earn money to provide them and their millionaire buddies and donors. You idiots are all Obama's & the Dem's stupid little sheeple! You need a dose of reality, and wake up from the fantasy dream that Obama and Communism/Socialism that Liberal Teachers/Union Thugs have shoved in you for over a decade. When our media would rather Kiss our Leaders Feet, than provide us FACTS, we have set up a society of mindless Sheep that will gleefully go to the trough of Stupidity each night.

Obama has not produced any document from his college years, because everything uncovered by the non-media leads to Obama being a "foreign student". Obama has NEVER admitted that he owns his Chicago house, IN HIS NAME, because everything related to property records shows someone trying to hide the real owner! Why? Don't you idiots think just that in itself is Suspicious??? Obama has been spending MILLIONS of our tax dollars fighting Orly Taitz in Court, when All he would have to do is provide a freaking Birth Certificate! WHY?? If Obama isn't lying, then WHY HIDE A FREAKING BIRTH CERTIFICATE OF ALL THINGS???? Come on SHEEPLE! Wake up!
His New Jersey Attorney's Admitted in COURT that the Long Form Birth Certificate that Obama 'released' is FAKE! However, if you question Obama's elegibility than you are not only a "Birther", you are physically threatened in good 'ol Chicago political fashion! So, if you have the common sense to think Obama is hiding something, than you're called stupid names and stalked down and attacked by the left-wing machine and their Sheeple! You're all idiots!



OTS, you sure are a whiney little bitch in your ODS, aren't you? Such pathetic delusions of victimhood you cling to.

Your whole post is nothing but a bunch of bogus sore loserism crap, so I'll waste as little time as possible just slamming a few of your many incorrect and inane statements.

First off, there was NO HI "long form" until, via special request to attempt to appease you whining morons, one had to be created from the original records. HI only produces ONE official form - the COLB. Been that way for well over a decade. Get a clue. So no, it was NOT something that existed and was available in that format before and is nothing but a unique exception case, nothing more.

The rest of your blather is just silly bogeyman nonsense about commies and socialism that simply show that you are full of nothing but irrational paranoia and see fearful shadows everywhere. Those are nothing more than transparent buzzwords with no more significant connection to actual reality than calling someone a "poopyhead" means that they are actually made of poop.

So go take your irrational tears and fears somewhere else, you little piss pants. The very fact that you spout such nonsense freely and blogs like this exist disprove your own statement about "communism" in America.

If you can't grasp and deal with how our country and our Constitution work and have always worked to try to serve and protect the rights and freedoms of all Americans of differing backgrounds and views, then that's your problem, not ours. You are entitled to cling to your own pathetic delusions, but not to any of us caring or sharing them.

Now go back to cowering under your bed before the "ebil commies" come for you...

The Magic M

> When Obama's people go on for over a YEAR that there is "No Long-Form Birth Certificate", & then release what they said is the Long-Form, only MORON's & Fools call people "Birthers" that call it "Fishy" and "Questionable"!

Textbook example of the definition of "cynical" - to ask for something and then go "why did you do what I wanted?".

> Come on SHEEPLE! Wake up!


The other day Corsi wanted to know where Obama's adoption papers are.

Birtherism in a NUTshell:
Asking to see someone's adoption papers. Someone who was never adopted and never claimed to be adopted.

Next he'll be asking Obama to tell him how many bubbles there are in a bar of soap.

Thomas Brown

To any and every Orly Taitz Supporter:

Posterity is always smarter than the currently alive.

There was a huge struggle between abolitionists and pro-slavery forces. Abolitionists prevailed, but just barely. Today it is virtually unanimously believed that slavery was an abomination, and I can’t remember hearing anyone advocate for bringing it back.

Posterity will record President Obama as either an average or good President, but certainly as legimately elected and Constitutionally eligible to serve. You all, on the other hand, will be remembered as delusional racist buffoons so desperate to damage BHO’s Presidency that you would squander valuable public resources on an idiotic and doomed partisan quasi-crusade, and for embarrasing your country’s allies and thrilling her detractors. You will not be remembered as defenders of the Constitution and the rule of law; you will be remembered as seditionists trying to thwart them.

We, whom you deride as Obots, Koolade-drinkers, Traitors, Socialists, etc. (plus sane Conservatives like John Woodman) will go down in history as the true patriots, defending our founding documents and institutions from you.

There were surely fleas on sabre-tooth tigers. Posterity is fascinated by the formidable graceful giant cats; nobody gives a rat’s ass about the fleas.

Mr. Obama is the tiger. You are the fleas.

Nobody important cares what you think. Most people on your side of the aisle think you are nut-cases who are giving them a bad reputation. Republican politicos will use waffle words to make you think they’re with you, but they’re not. They just need your vote. They know the President, and any future candidate who had one or more non-citizen parents are rightly and legally Natural Born Citizens eligible to run and serve if they were born Americans.

Let’s say you, you personally, are disovered by your GP to have a dangerous but operable tumor. You look up an oncologist; but alas, he is precisely as good a Doctor as Orly is a lawyer. He sits you down and tells you to go home and drink pomegranate juice, and explains that ‘cancer’ is a big hoax, a conspiracy foisted on the public by sneaky Socialist European drug companies.

Do you say to yourself “well, that sounds reasonable”? Do you follow his advice? No you do not. You say “That guy’s a dangerous lunatic. I’m not trusting my life to him. I want a Doctor who works with reproducible science and objective facts.”

Welcome to our world.

The Courts are unanimously on our side. The hard evidence is on our side. Logic is on our side.

Posterity will be too.

So you should maybe re-think your ludicrous insults, your infantile slurs, your preposterous imaginary conspiracies, your claims that we are deluded and you alone are the sacred brave patriotic vessels of the truth.

Because you aren’t. You are insignificant morsels of oblivion.


Bravo Thomas Brown! Bravo!

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