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May 02, 2012


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Kimberly B Stone

Someday someone will reveal to us that Orly Taitz was actually an extremely elaborate attenuated performance art stunt.

Because thinking that one person could be that ignorant really strains credulity.


Close, Waiting for her to rip of the wig, remove the spiders from her eyes, and reveal herself as Andy Kaufman, thou Andy would be funnier


forgot to add, i would happily pay to see Obama do stand up, not laughed that hard in ages

Vita Mando should have more nonsense.....hahahahhaa

The Magic M

> "Such evidence shall be in the form of the most complete record of birth available by the controlling legal authority at the time of the nominee's birth"

I probably repeat myself, but I would so love for this to become law and then bite the GOP candidate in the butt.
It would simply be hilarious to see if, e.g., Romney's birth state was unable or unwilling to provide such a "most complete record", causing Romney to lose several red states and guaranteeing an Obama win.
Can you imagine the sound of birther heads exploding? ;)


Rudy is a nut. Your W-2 never contains your gains from exercising your stock options.

He's a tax cheat plain and simple.

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