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October 22, 2012


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All those iterations of "Forget them!" in McGrew's diatribe remind me of movies that have been over-dubbed for TV with Al Pacino screaming "Forget you!" in place of the other F-word. I'm sure that's the word McGrew would like to use too. But I would rather have his out-and-out racism than yet one more video clip of some smug-faced middle-aged white lady using euphemisms like "He's not a real American" or "She doesn't act like a real First Lady". At least you know where McGrew stands.

Re the Donald's big October surprise, I'll bet that's going to come close to a Rick-roll too. He has a new season of his TV show coming up, doesn't he? He doesn't care how ridiculous he'll seem as long as he gets publicity.


So Trump's BFD was an offer to give a $5 million check to charity if Obama presents his college records and passport application.

Considering Trump's history of bad debts, if Obama lowered himself to the challenge, it'd be another case of Trump's mouth writing checks his ass can't cash.

Lancelot Link

If Obama did show them, Trump would just say they weren't the long-form transcripts and refuse to write the check.


If Obama did show them, Trump would just say they weren't the long-form transcripts and refuse to write the check.

Exactly. Trump's imaginary $5 million is safe because no matter what the President might produce, Trump will move the goalposts. I truly hope that Obama gives him what he deserves, which is to completely ignore him. I'd hate to see Obama even acknowledge this with a joke.

By the way, if Trump does have $5 million to give to charity, why doesn't he just give it to charity? Why are you such a tightwad, Don?

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