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October 31, 2012


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Hurricane Sandy is no match for the hot air coming from his pinhole


That book does mention a poet named "Frank" who was a friend of Obama's maternal grandfather.

Since "Frank" is only the 31st most popular name for males, his friend must have been Frank Marshall Davis.


Has anyone noticed that WND's experiment with letting sane people comment on it's website is over?

The Magic M

> "Independent Florida voter Jane Bowman smelled something bad, too, when she recently discovered a DVD in her mailbox questioning the identity of Obama's father.

I said from day 1 that this would bite birthers in the rear end.
If a smear campaign isn't something that will make more people vote for Obama, or make those people vote who would otherwise have been too lazy to, I don't know what will. :)

Birthers are always best at sabotaging their own cause - which is why I like to mock them on their sites claiming to be a birther who calls people like Gilbert "Obot agents desiring to ruin our cause". ;)

Thomas Brown

"Hurricane Sandy is no match for the hot air coming from his pinhole..."

Wasn't that supposed to be "piehole"?

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