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November 12, 2012


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With Orly's obsession with secession, has she forgotten she lives in California which voted 59%-38% in favor of Obama? Secession would not help her at all. I doubt Yosi wants to dump his business to move to Texas since most the companies he is partnering with are in California, Washington and Massachusetts.

Just another example of Orly inability to put the slightest thought into anything she says.


White House response should be a picture of Sherman sent to the secesh bastards to remind them of what happened last time.


I don't have a doctorate in statistics but I'm giving the chance of even one state seceding as ZERO.


The whiners are crying for secession. Just like they have been for surprise here, nor will it happen. Oh sure, they will try to whip up a greater chorus of demands for it they really have bled all their other repeat dead horses dry. So yeah, prepare for the secession crys and anti-crist cries to be the latest birther "fad" for them to stroke off to for awhile... but that is all it will ever amount to.


it takes less than nothing to fill out an online petition. so the so-called secession movement thus far hasn't demanded anything significant like time, labor or money from any of its members. if it ever does, expect the herd to dramatically thin.

but it does make a nice safe and traceable outlet for a lot of buttsore wingnuts. the dept. of homeland security thanks you for your cooperation.


They will continue to cry for secession until the next tornado, drought, hurricane or wildfire.

Notice how Rick Perry stopped using the "S" word summer before last?

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