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November 14, 2012


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I'm sure we'll have these cranky sore losers wailing such nonsense through at least the inauguration...but I wonder how much longer they can sustain their tantrums...

Some will be doing it until their dying day, for sure. But I expect a lot of it to start to fade from attention, just as the failed PUMA losers experienced in the last cycle...

So far it seems that the "secession" tantrums will become the leading meme of birtherism 2.0 ...we'll just have to wait and see how far these mostly decrepit keyboard commandoes go with pushing that traitorous fantasy...


The underpinnings of conspiratorial thought are frighteningly similar to those of fascism, as both feature the strange duality of enemies as impossibly strong and yet easily defeated and the promotion of the common man as heroic. It doesn't even matter what sort of conspiracy you're talking about, all feature an opposition that would have to be impossibly skilled to carry out its plots and yet it is also so incompetent as to be uncovered and battled by ordinary people, who by doing so have convinced themselves they are extraordinary.

I'm not saying that conspiracy theorists are fascists of course, but rather that an increase in conspiratorial thought is unhealthy to the country as a whole because they ARE the sort of people who could easily be convinced to follow an authoritarian leader who said the right words to pander to their fears.

Washington State Citizens Grand Jury

Despite your igonring of our legally issues summons and our requirement that you stand in front of your follow citizens to explain your actions, you have refused to do so.

As a result of your ignorance, you have been found complisit in the acts of treason against the state of Washington and the united States of America.

May God have mercy on your soul as all right-thinking citizens shall not.


Right-thinking citizens in this case referring to paranoid schizophrenics.

The Magic M

> Secession is not the answer, rather nullification of the existing Constitution

So it's "protect the Constitution by removing it" now? Hey, I wonder why it took them so long to show their true (seditious) colours that openly...

> So far it seems that the "secession" tantrums will become the leading meme of birtherism 2.0

The lifetime of the average birther meme is somewhere between 1 and 6 months. After that, the next one comes along - citizen grand juries, fake trials, or the ever-successful "whiney letters to our state officials", who knows...

> igonring ... legally issues summons ... complisit ... united States ...

Yup, the enlightened hyper-intelligent RWNJ spellmasters strike again. ;)

> I'm not saying that conspiracy theorists are fascists of course

But the other way around - fascism is always based on conspiracist beliefs. It cannot exist without "the evil other" that can also serve as a scapegoat.

Greg Brown

I heard that Lord Monckton came in third at the 2012 running of the Upper Class Twit of the Year Competition, spraining his ankle in the Kick the Beggar segment and limping to the finish line. He also has apparently used geometric logic to show that the president's birth certificate is fraudulent, and even knows who stole the strawberries.


Orly is once again demonstrating what a truly bad lawyer she is, and how goofy Walter Fitzpatrick or anybody else is to ask her for legal advice, because it's certainly not true that "you have to be a citizen to be convicted of treason."


I'm pretty sure she's not entirely wrong, treason's legal definition in US law does seem to require that the person being convicted "owe allegiance to the United States" which is somewhat broader than "is a US citizen" I guess but I think the argument could be made that a theoretical foreign born fraudster who became president while not a citizen never owed allegiance to the US and thus strictly speaking did not commit treason against it. Of course such does not apply to Barack Obama, who is a natural born citizen and thus has in fact owed allegiance to the US from birth.


A non-citizen, even an enemy alien, can be held guilty of treason. See the reference here In re Shinohara, Court Martial Orders, No. 19, September 8, 1949: ;
even for acts done while the enemy nation of which he was a citizen occupied U.S. territory.

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