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November 21, 2012


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On the Nov. 18 Mississippi entry you have: "Judge Land wanted to hear from Lax and MacLeran -- and their doctors -- directly."
The judge in Mississippi is Judge Wingate.

The Magic M

> If hussein obama can be- why not Mr. Rubio? He was born in USA, under American flag and a good citizen too.

It is always safe to assume that birthers (like all wingnuts) are precisely what they claim "the others" are.
Since birthers have always claimed the GOP is silent about Vattelism because they wanted Obama to set a precedent that allows Rubio, it is only logical that now birthers (!) claim that Rubio is OK for them since Obama set precedent.
It's crazy within crazy within crazy, or the art of triple negation. ;)

Greg Brown

Regarding the "alleged" inserted into an AP story by a small town paper, as a longtime newspaperman, I can assure you that all sorts of weird things get into print, either intentionally but misguidedly, or inadvertently. "Mush from the Wimp" was a famous joke hed placed atop a Boston Globe editorial about President Jimmy Carter that went to press without being caught, and any newspaper person of any experience can likely recall similar instances. And Marco Rubio is doing himself no favors by pandering to his redneck peckerwood constituents by pretending he never passed ninth grade science.


If I remember rightly, Rick Santorum doesn't qualify either, under birther 'law'. His father was Italian, and had not become a citizen either when his son was born.
Whew! That's two less crazies to worry about...

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