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November 26, 2012


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What slays me about Ulsterman is his commenters. These people actually take him seriously, even after all this time when nothing he has predicted or hinted at has come true. Too funny.


Thanks for posting the Sharon Meroni video. It's always interesting to be able to put a face (and a voice) to a birther. She really is angry--a quality that every birther seems to share.

The Magic M

> So here's a weird question - how on earth would Jerome Corsi or World Nut Daily know the email addresses and IP addresses of someone who posted at CNN or Fox News??

I suppose he looked at the person's public Disqus profile - which lists where else that person has posted.


Corsi and the World Nut Daily crew cannot get IP addresses from Faux or CNN or any other site that they don't own (without a judge ordering it for due cause). I have been happily blacklisted from their site, and will gleefully watch their rank and page hits drop like a flask filled with mercury.
And them blocking IP addresses locks out anyone using that IP address if from a public location. There are a lot of Starbucks and libraries where people cannot access WND's putrid forums.


Wow. That was depressing. Rudy was not nearly as whacked out as he usually is. I think he's taking the election kinda hard and has decided the world is about to end.

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