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November 28, 2012


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That Robert from Idaho; lovely man no doubt - but a bit lacking in common sense,rationality and courtesy?

Remind me, where his 'rights' as a citizen of Idaho come from?

Do such nutters vote in US federal elections - they shouldn't, should they, as men of principle, but still one wonders - for the Libertarian?

Andrew Vrba, PmG

A good read, as always.

Thomas Brown

" manure frittata..."

OK. You're my genius for the week.


*Violent*, eh???? And how "patriotic" for him to be talking about the "United Red States of America"......

Will their National Anthem be "The East is Red"???


So what happens when an unstoppable force (Robert from Idaho's delusions) meets an immovable object (reality)? The unstoppable force gets tazed it seems.


re: *Violent*, eh???? And how "patriotic" for him to be talking about the "United Red States of America"......

Funny thing about that name is that the rest of the world were assuming the commies have had a successful takeover not the RWNJs

dr. who

Next time you see an idiot conservative accuse liberals of cheating in the election, give em this link.


I'd sure like to hear how Dealio plans to surround Washington, DC with what...three people?

The Magic M

> While Miller is correct in so far as President Obama only got slightly under 30% of estimated voters, that's still more than the 28.4% that the next FOUR people in the election got.

Almost every election in every democratic country ends with the winner getting less than 50%, and often less than 30%, of the eligible voters.

That's elementary, given that voter turnout is usually anywhere between 25% (for some local elections) to 75% (for general elections in rare cases), and even in the latter case the winner would have to take a 67% landslide victory to get above 50% of eligible voters.

I don't recall the RWNJ's had a problem with any Republican President suffering from the same "problem".

But it's a common argument by the (sore) loser.
I've never seen an athlete who was eliminated in the semifinals with a time that would've given him the win in the finals claim that he should be given the gold medal.


The video of the Sovereign Citizen nutter was the best thing I've seen on Youtube in a damned long time.

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