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November 05, 2012


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The Magic M

> "Former 2012 presidential candidate Cody has been at the eligibility lawsuit business as long as anyone."

At least they admit it's a business... ;)


All the above should be grateful to Obama; he's given them jobs and focus to their pathetic little lives.

Let's make their heads explode. Obama/Biden '12!


I roll my eyes every time I read about the birthers' frenzied efforts to prove the President's digitized copy of his birth certificate is fake and then claiming, by extension, that his birth certificate is a forgery.

Imagine trying this with a Beatles recording. You know, that .mp3 copy of the White Album you downloaded from the internet? It's a forgery. HAS to be, because there was no such music format back when the Beatles were recording. Show us the LP! cry of the Beatles denialists - and then, when presented with the exact same data in the original long-play format, they'd get busy analyzing and comparing every skip, tic, and defect in the original vinyl recording and the digital files. They'd find some minor discrepancies and triumphantly announce that the so-called .mp3 White Album was a forgery, and start a conspiracy as to who created it (and why).

I'd love to see someone use the .mp3 forgery claim a defense in an RIAA lawsuit, by the way. That'd take the birther/Beatles analogy all the way into court.

And birthers: yeah, that's why playing silly games with a digital file is a waste of time. It's the CONTENT that counts, not the form.


Let's hope she found another job.

Who in their right minds would hire Dr. Kate? Don't employers check job applicants' profiles on social media these days?

The chem-trail nonsense alone would tell potential employers that this lady is crazy.

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