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November 07, 2012


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In 1967 I (an eleven year old unaccompanied minor, born in the US of US-born parents) flew back to the country from Germany. Stewardess walked me through customs. Parents met me in Detroit.

Sounds like Sven has gotten a jump on the recreational marijuana movement.


I really don't remember this much whining from the Dems when "W" won a second term.

Well Patrick, I see you'll be continuing for another 4 years. I don't know whether to offer congratulations or condolences. I'll be sure to contribute to the site's upkeep when I can.


I didn't realize that the PUMA sites were doing anything other than gathering cobwebs these days. Thanks for that update on their sad, sad little failed movement. Looks like they may finally start closing shop, even though they've been nothing but a scrawny and ineffective corpse for over 4 years now.

I've always suspected that much of the hatriots efforts were always geared towards preventing even though their hate won't go away, I do expect a lot of birtherism to drop off the map significantly in the coming weeks and months. Sure, there will always be die-hard dead-enders shouting at the clouds for the remainders of their sad little lives... but overall, I suspect we're going to quickly see a pattern of bitter emaciation in Birtherism, similar to the post-election 2008 PUMAs.


I guess the birthers conveniently forgot their excited prediction that Obama was going to declare martial law and suspend the elections.

As usual, when their rumors are shown to be just that, they simply move on to the next scary story to work themselves up over.

The Magic M

> outspoken and controversial Republican incumbent Harry Accornero was soundly beaten (666 votes)

666? Oooh, what will the pseudo-religious wingnuts make of that? ;)

Rich Rocker

Patrick, The comments at Crayfisher aka Myiq2xu's site and formerly The New Agenda's Cynthia Ruccia's site womenwintoo along with Kevin Dujan's Hillbuzz are worth quoting too for the hilarity.
And 'G' the pumas never left - they have just broken up into different groups. At least now we know the liberals - skydancing, the disgruntled liberals - thewiddershins2, the dumb liberals - riverdaughter's confluence, and the phonies - crayfisher, hillbuzz, thenewagenda, womenwintoo, pumapac and a few others.


Maybe some of Leah's followers can take up a collection of 30 bucks or so to get her website back up. Got this message from the URL in her Twitter profile ( :

NOTICE: This domain name expired on 11/07/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion.


markm: "I guess the birthers conveniently forgot their excited prediction that Obama was going to declare martial law and suspend the elections."

that one's just going in the basement bin until campaign 2016 kicks off.


Rich Rocker - Thank you for your post. I haven't followed the PUMA losers in quite a while, so I found it quite interesting to see that classification update on how some of their more well known handles have ended up politically...

I was aware of all the phonies you mentioned. I had simply discounted the others, chalking them up to nothing more than bitter whiney fools...which is all their movement ever was anyways.

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