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December 25, 2012


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Oh gawd. I'd almost forgotten I ever taped this...and why I've never watched it again.

In this age of digital duplication, Lucas' dream of eradicating it will never come true. George, just declare it as 'non-canon' and be done with it, okay?

Uh...Happy Life Day. I guess.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

Disney will keep it in canon I bets!


I nominate The 39 Steps as the equal of any crappy movie.


I'll bet you'll be glad to get back to reporting on birthers. Four years of that has prepared you for this day. Oh, and it's spelled Wookiee, with a final double e.


I love your movie reviews pat. :D


If it helps keep the blame off Lucas, this was actually written/produced by the Kroft brothers (Sid and Marty), the men responsible for H R Puffenstuff and other slightly drug-induced hallucinations/TV shows many kids watched during the 60s/70s.


ROTFLMAO! Enjoyed your review of this groaner GEM!!! Spot on assessments of the whole crazy and crappy fucking thing!

As part of the Star Wars Generation, having a working copy of this awful disaster is a proud MUST of mine. I picked up a VHS copy at a comic con back in the 1990s and have tortured fellow fan(including my wife) with it on a number of occasions over beer and pizza. It is one of the reasons that I will always keep a working VHS machine somewhere in the house.

...And on the QUALITY side of Star Wars, I also keep a working laser disc player in order to always be able to view the BEST existing copy format of the ORIGINAL movies in their original form! Those are priceless artifacts that I will not part with for any sum of money...and actually personally identify in my will as to which deserving relative or friend will appreciate and get the best use out of them (right now, still my brother).


I remember seeing this appalling piece of drivel when it first came out, with my family, and we were so digusted, we gave up about 40 minutes into this nonsense. I don't remember Harvey Korman being in it, but I wouldn't be surprised. I think Art Carney was in it, too.

It was one of the most hideous things I ever saw, and if you hadn't written about it, I would not have remembered it...the biggest thing I remember is our whole family just giving up on it for its lack of intelligence, a plot, acting, or anything worth watching. The "Force" was not with it.

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