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December 14, 2012


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Andrew Vrba, PmG

After the way she tried using those poor children's deaths for her own ends, I hope she gets cancer and dies slowly, painfully, withering away in indignity.

Jeff Robison

Perhaps if Ms Meroni were not drinking that night, she wouldn't have missed the windmill and hit the pole by mistake.


I wonder if Pam Barnett knows that Lakin's old brigade commander is that rarest of creatures, a living Medal of Honor recipient?
I'd give up a piece of my own pension for her to confront Colonel Roberts--and get the smackdown she so richly deserves.

As for Orly...she's just relinquished any claim to humanity, and should be shamed into obscurity.


Would anyone like to compare Barack Hussein Obama's Right Footprint with the Footprint that is printed on the Hospital Birth Record?

President Obama's footprint is 12 inches long and the footprint on the hospital birth record is only 3 inches long! They're obviously not from the same person!! What more proof do you want?!

Sorry, it's not really a day for laughing and Epperley's document is disgustingly racist and yet this is so absurd that I have to laugh.


i love that Meroni got a DUI......karma, karma, karma.....and a lack of satisfying.....also, i like how you've finally decided to let your freak flag sail and define these people for what they truly are Patrick...don't ever apologize........ive said all along these folks are the bane of our existence and until we confront them with the same animosity they exhibit, it will be difficult to DOES NOT drop us to their cant bring a knife to a gunfight...peace and fuck Meroni and Taitz. Good on ya


Make Repugs rue forcing Susan Rice to withdraw for SOS. The whole object of the contrived controversy was to force appointment of John Kerry and open up another run for Scott Brown.

Petition Gov. Deval Patrick to appoint Flotus, Michelle Obama, to the seat temporarily and the Democratic party of MA to nominate her for the election.

For these reasons.

Spread the word.

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