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December 17, 2012


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Some time back, I wrote that the difference between the KKK and the Republican Party was that the KKK was open about its racism, and wore hoods and robes. It offended a lot of conservatives, and a few weeks later I changed it. I said the only difference was that the Republican Party didn't wear hoods and robes, and burn crosses on laws. Yet.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

The "13th hour" tantrums being thrown by bifers are as hilarious as they are predictable.


"The "13th hour" tantrums being thrown by bifers are as hilarious as they are predictable."

I find them to be more pathetically sad than hilarious, but that's just me. Birtherism is a tired crazy as the clown car is, for me much of the entertainment has fizzled, because it is barely anything more than the same set of EPIC FAIL jokes endlessly repeating over and over and over again.

I now yawn more than I chuckle...but I still roll my eyes ;)

Andrew Vrba, PmG

Yeah. They're like a tired meme alright.

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