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December 31, 2012


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May your 2013 be merry, happy, and prosperous. And for the birthers, may your New Year grant you everything your actions warrant.

That says it all. Same to you, Patrick.

Thomas Brown

These flea-brains who drag the term "patriot" through the sewers are one of two things: 1) Liars or 2) Pussies.

If they know deep in an unused corner of the space in their skulls that Obama is eligible, they are liars.

If they truly believe America is in peril and haven't made good on their threats of action, they are chickenshit pussies.

So which is it, big talkers? Are you liars or pussies?


"May your 2013 be merry, happy, and prosperous. And for the birthers, may your New Year grant you everything your actions warrant."

Happy New Year to you and thank you for all your work keeping us informed. For all your efforts, I hope 20I3 is generous and kind to you.

I assume you have a strong stomach to be able to read all this without being sickened. I stay incredulous at each reading of the latest in birther news. It is so hard to believe these are actually adults who manufacture this garbage day after day, month after month, year after year. And yet we have watched it take place since 2008. Oily gets more demented and screechy and the others are several eggs short a dozen. They are certainly letting their racism show. (I shudder to think one of the cretins has actually become an elected judge. I have a feeling he won't be able to keep his birtherism out of the courtroom and will end up getting himself in trouble. We can only hope.) I shake my head at the denseness of any person who can't seem to get it through her bleached blond head that she can't serve President Obama as a private citizen/candidate because he IS the president still in his first official term, up until the day is is once again sworn in to start his 2nd official term. The gases she has inhaled in her dental practice have surely killed off what brain cells that may have been in existence because surely no one could be that dense. As much as there is an entertainment factor in this bevy of BS, I look forward to the day that the smack-down becomes hard enough that these fools will quit wasting the time and taxpayer dollars by clogging up our courts with manufactured "evidence" and complete incompetence. I'm fed up when I think of how much time judges, court clerks and other personnel waste on this. I'm all for courts being open to people with legitimate problems and complaints, but we all know there is nothing legitimate in any of these filings.

Dr. Conspiracy

So you think Conservative FactCheck is for real? I'm coming to the view that it's a spoof site.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

A Darmok reference? Oh you cheeky thing you!

Patrick McKinnion

Dr. Conspiracy - I gave up trying to figure out what's real and what's the parody. While I suppose that "Conservative 'FactCheck'" is a spoof, I see things that clueless and dumb all the time.

If CFC is a spoof, they certainly got the complete disregard for facts down right.

Patrick McKinnion

Thomas Brown - Most of the keyboard commandos calling for marches, revolt, and the overthrow / execution of the government and elected officials are pretty much passive cowards. They talk a big game, but it's always someone else that has to lead, someone else to take that step.

And I suspect that, should they actual find themselves in an armed uprising or civil war, they would defecate themselves with sheer terror followed by running screaming home to hide under their beds. (which would later get retold about how they bravely stood their ground in a hopeless cause)

Patrick McKinnion

Andrew Vrba, PmG - I'm always curious who catches the more obscure references *chuckle*


I'm glad they got Ms. Jane Marple in board; she's been doing quality, low-cost detective work for decades... ever since Agatha Christie invented her.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

I'm well versed in the way of the geek. *bows*
On topic, I see an armed attempt at sedition going very badly. I see it failing for two reasons.

1.) They overestimate just how many of them are stupid and crazy enough to go through with something so suicidal.

2.) They operate under the idea that District of Columbia lacks and armed National Guard.

Patrick McKinnion

Andrew Vrba, PmG - Well, that and they always assume that the military is going to automatically be on their side.

Which tends to ignore that Barack Obama got the majority of campaign donations from active duty military in both 2008 and 2012.

Patrick McKinnion

Obot - You noticed that too, eh?? I'm wondering if it was a placeholder or if someone punked them.


They punk themselves, with every word they write.

jon in LA

I tried to watch the Rudy Davis video, but could only make it to 3:21. I don't know how you do it.

Andrew Vrba, PmG

Yeah, there's that!
I'm so sick of them saying "The will of We The People has been ignored!!!" No, no it hasn't! The will of We the People WAS heard, loud and clear, and heeded on November 6th!

jon in LA

Many Thanks for your efforts. I should say that at this time of year. I come here often, but never post. You sir, ridicule very well. And it is deserved, and much needed. Thanks again.


Thomas Brown: my cat resents that remark.


That was certainly one of the weirdest Rudy Davis videos yet:

His crazy claim that evolutionists believe that tornadoes can reassemble a 747 in a junkyard??? WTF??? What fucked up voices in his head made up that crazy and stupid sounding shit?

Then he goes off on a stupid racist joke, just so he can get off on saying the N-word...

...Followed by a bat-shit crazy racist obsession with what should be a happy "mom & kid get their dog back for Christmas" being angrily focused that the owners were "brown" and the sick jerk who stole their dog was white...with it being clearly obvious that Rudy's 2 big peeves with the video was that they arrested a white person and that the pet had microchip trackers to help it be recovered and returned to its owners.

...Yeah...he's really, really going further and further over the deep end into full-on paranoid racist craziness.

Why do I have a sinking feeling that 2013 is going to require more law enforcement visits to increasingly unhinged Rudy.... *sigh*


Happy New Year. Thanks for this site.


Excellent summary. Birthers are frickin' amazing . . . just when you thought they couldn't get anymore ridiculous, "Boom Goes the Dynamite" and the bar drops to an new level of absurdity.

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