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December 03, 2012


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"Conservative Fact Check" lists inauguration day as February 21, 2013. Someone might want to check that fact!


You should talk to Dr. Kate because she organized a really successful rally in D.C. a couple years ago."

You mean the Usurpathon? That was 3 people! So, yeah, if "really successful" means that Dr. Kate managed to wrangle two of her cronies to DC without losing either of them, at least on the way there (we don't know if all 3 of them made it back home), then that trip was "really successful".

Honestly, if these people are so fond of their alternate realities, why don't they just pretend that the Romneys are in the White House and be happy with that?


"Orly Taitz committed Fraud and Misrepresentation by pasting and copying Leah Lax's name on documents"

The ends (a baseless smear) justifies the means (lying).

The Magic M

> Think rather highly of yourself, don't you?

Judy is obviously convinced that if Obama was retroactively banned from the ballot, the presidential choice would be thrown to the House (I believe electors could just vote for Biden instead, but I may be wrong there) and that the House, unable to elect both Obama and Romney (because Judy claims Romney is out since he conceded the race), would have no option left but to select him, Judy, as President. *facepalm*

The Magic M

> No honor among thieves I see.

First Lisa Liberi, now Leah Lax - Orly must hate the letter "L" by now. ;)

> to allow ObamaCrimes to Post a $2 Million Reward for the Documentation that Proves Obama has committed Fraud

I see easy money. They can just award the prize to any birther "expert" they see fit. After all, in their world, any of these "proves" whatever they want it to prove.

The Magic M

Oh, and Sibley makes this gem of a claim:
"Obviously, failure to timely register with the Selective Service precludes as a matter-of-law one’s employment as President. See: 5 USC § 3328(a)", citing "... a position in an Executive
agency" which the Presidency is clearly not, BTW.

So he basically says some ordinary law can impose additional prerequisites for the office of President, on top of the Constitution.

Again, the people who least understand the Constitution are those most vocally claiming to protect it.


WND got the name of Romney's get-out-the-vote app wrong. It's Orca, not OCRA. Not an acronym, it was named after the Obama campaign's much more successful Narwhal.
Some of the first inside information about Orca:


"I am betting that he went to college as a foreign student from Indonesia and if so, he is ineligible to be president for that reason alone."

Let's say, just for argument's sake, that Obama's records are released and it does show that he foisted inself off as a foreign student. What Orly & Co. are missing is that claiming to be foreign doesn't make it so. If he did that and it was false there might be a crime, but it doesn't make him ineligible for the presidency.

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