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December 07, 2012


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Thomas Brown

Wonder if "hangman" would have the stones to say "Blacks are by nature cowards" in a nice loud voice down on Pennsylvania Avenue on the West side of Baltimore this Friday night.

Man, I'd buy tickets. I'd be charitable and call an ambulance for him. Eventually.

I'd bring along a spatula and bucket just in case.

Thomas Brown

OK, the idea that Obama will destroy America on 12/21 and blame it on the Mayans is officially the dumbest thing I've ever heard. And not just from Birthers. Anyone. Ever.


Wow, Mayan Calendar Guy really needs some intervention, stat. I hope someone hands him a Xanax before Dec. 21st rolls around, because he's working himself into a tizzy. Of course, imagine how great he'll feel on Dec. 22!


That said, that Denver airport art is officially weird.

Greg Brown

Suranis, that DIA art is strange, and has been for a long time. I'm not sure even meds would help some of these people. I agree with Thomas Brown that "Hangman" should go to the aforementioned neighborhood, taking a few of his racist friends along, and loudly declare his "principles" and his beliefs about black people. The whole attempt to get the electors not to cast their votes for Obama is, seemingly, one of the last hopes of birtherstan. Once that landmark vote occurs, where do they go from there?


"Frustrating Victories in 2012"

birfers consider getting a case on the court docket a victory. also too, showing up to court with pants on. zipped. (though kkklayman apparently has trouble getting that far.)

so yeah, birfers will claim a couple victories this year.

The Magic M

> Tell the bank the cheque is canceled, and when the California Supreme Court comes to collect, tell them they're all traitors

Well, I wouldn't put it past Orly to think that if she actually does this, it would finally grant her "standing" - because, y'know, to show she legally refused to pay the court costs, she *must* see Obama's original long long long form BC. Or something.

> in a nice loud voice down on Pennsylvania Avenue on the West side of Baltimore this Friday night.

Evokes the image of Bruce Willis in "Die Hard III", wearing that "I hate n...s" sign in the Bronx. ;)
Which of course was a referral to a Woody Allen movie (dunno which) where he states "for some time, I liked to live dangerously" (paraphrased) and we see him walking up to some black people, yell "n...s!" at them and then run away.

Greg Brown

Magic M, you might be thinking of "The Danger Seekers" segment of Kentucky Fried Movie, where a guy dons a helmet, walks up to a bunch of black guys shooting dice in some post industrial setting, yells the N word, then takes off running.

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