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December 10, 2012


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Andrew Vrba, PmG

Cavity Creeps! I LOVE it!

Sam C

Have you considered the possibility that Thomas F. Bowler and Theo F. Bower might be a mite insincere in their comments at Taitzworld? Perhaps both share the same middle name, as in F for Fog??


Whoa there... what is with the talk of a coup in 1963? Surely LBJ taking over after the assassination of Kennedy was procedure as set out in the constitution??? OR is the suggestion that LBJ had the trigger pulled?

well that is I confess a new one on me.....


How can anyone read Earl Strunk? My eyes glaze over after the second line.

The Magic M

Well, my predictions were correct: Birtherism did not die after 11/6, nor did it change much, it just keeps going in circles as before.

I also predicted the current flurry of activities with the sequence

1. try to enjoin the SOS from certifying the votes

2. try to enjoin the EC from voting (for Obama)

3. try to enjoin Congress from certifying the EC votes

I'm still not sure if someone will try to enjoin the Chief Justice from administering the Oath of Office.

And after that, rinse and repeat from early 2009.


"I probably shouldn't have mentioned the monkeys, because I'm pretty sure their billing rates are a lot less than mine."
They work for peanuts. (Sorry)


Hmmm...attend a protest with Ed Noonan and his weiner dog, or look at internet porn?

If only every choice were this easy.

Patrick McKinnion

Sam C - I gave up trying to figure out who are the real birthers in comments, and who are pranking the birthers. :-)

Patrick McKinnion

The Magic M - Yeah, a lot of this is a replay of the winter of 2008-09. But it's not like a losing track record has stopped birthers before.

Patrick McKinnion

Shay - Large amounts of Diet Coke and a sense of humour. :-)


Now that you mention pranking birthers: The moment I saw this above, I was sure "Shepherd" was a prankster -- just something about the "Gee golly whiz" way the question was phrased seemed to be a tip-off.

Shepherd December 9th, 2012 @ 10:46 am

Dr. Taitz, do you think it’s Okay if we don’t pay federal taxes until this issue is resolved? This would be a good way for us to protest this usurperation.

Apparently professional crazy lady Ann Barnhardt really is going on a tax strike. But I think she's a con artist all the way, so I'm skeptical.


Orly actually posted three of my parody comments today. Sometimes I politely tell her how she's wrong (she never puts those through though and then blocks the email address) and sometimes I make parody comments. I just use a different name and different made-up email address each time. Her blog is for entertainment purposes.


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