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December 16, 2012


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Andrew Vrba, PmG

If she ends up a victim of deadly violence, no one shed a single tear for her.

Jeff Robison

All this, and then I find a post she made at an earlier date asking 'visiting liberals' who are commenting on her posts to have some class.

Wow...just 'wow.'

Andrew Vrba, PmG

Thankfully she is ensuring that she is never hired again.


By "close to her house" she means "almost 25 miles away"


She ought to get a room with Orly. They are made for each other. Could be another gal Bromance....

Patrick McKinnion

SueDB - Ooops!! That was supposed to go into TOMORROW'S Dispatches.....


Between her, Huckabee and some of these other right wing creeps- they just make me sick- of them. If I hear another one make some ignorant stupid comment about these 20 little children dying I won't be responsible for my actions. This didn't happen because Obama is president- although the hatred these people spread can't help, and it didn't happen because "God isn't in the schools" or because some women have abortions. It happened because we have too much mental illness that goes untreated because people don't have insurance to cover mental health if they have insurance at all. It happens because Ronald Reagan started the process of dismantling the mental health care system when he was governor and president. It happens because we are so immersed in violence it must seem normal to twisted brains and it happens because even people who are mentally ill can go buy weapons and magazines that hold 30 or more bullets, making them capable of mowing down 20 little children with 3 to 11 bullet holes each. Victoria Jackson needs to take herself on a very long walk, preferably on a very short pier.


She is the perfect example of someone who should be permanently barred from ever owning or handling a firearm. Hell, even sharp objects should be kept from her.


Since the sadly predictable RWNJ sicko responses to such a horrible tragedy have left me in sadness and anger beyond words ......I'll just say "ditto"... as everyone else already said it for me...

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