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January 11, 2013


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Looks like James Yeager is no stranger to controversy. Long before his threats of terrorism he was accused of cowardice by his colleagues in ESRM while in Iraq as hired security


How long before James Yeager is arrested with a remote-controlled pink dildo in his . . . possession?

Gary Miller

More Butterdezillion coverage please.


Glad to hear that the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has suspended the handgun carry permit of that irresponsible and emotionally immature James Yeager.

Greg Brown

Seems as though Big Bob is as ignorant of history as birthers are of everything else. The "sleeping giant" quote is attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, of the Imperial Japanese Navy, upon learning that the Pearl Harbor attack had failed to destroy the U.S. carrier force. It comes from a 1970 movie, "Tora Tora Tora," and there is no other source for it, though given his knowledge of the United States, it is likely Yamamoto may have felt that way and could have said something similar.


"See, Mr. Malloy, this is why you don't make stupid comments like that. Because you're dealing with a group of mentally unstable conspiracy nuts who LOVE to babble about "revolts", "military coups", "armed uprisings" and "second amendment solutions","

Get off your high horse Patrick. These idiots constantly call for the murder of elected representatives no matter what people like Malloy say about them.

I agree with Mallow - I would MUCH rather they kill themselves than be a violent threat to others. I don't feel guilty or wrong for telling them that either!!

Patrick McKinnion

AC180 - Why should I lower myself to their level?


How can Malloy or ANYONE help OR hurt the situation? Doc Conspiracy has been the opposite, he's been very compassionate toward birthers and they would be just as happy to see him killed as Malloy.

Point is, Nothing you say or do can help or hurt ...
We're way past the point of repairing any divide
we have in America. Not going to happen.


"AC180 - Why should I lower myself to their level?"

That's your mistaken assumption. They are calling
for innocent people to be murdered. Malloy was calling for would-be murderers to kill themselves.

I know, most of them aren't the type to actually go out and pull the trigger themselves but I believe most of them would be happy enough for someone else to do their dirty deeds ...


"AC180 - Why should I lower myself to their level?"

One more thing, I agree with most of the positions you take -- Been reading your entertaining blog for years now. I just find it a bit hypocritical for you to make that kind of judgement on other Birther Bashers, as you've not been "above the fray" as far as mature rhetoric goes.

I say the chances are pretty low of America ever healing our political divide unless one side of the aisle TRULY takes a bold stand and follows Gandhi's method -- That is, if one side simply stops being offensive , stops name calling/deriding/etc -- That bit of maturity would provide a HUGE contrast to the other side who would continue to show ugliness and eventually the contrast would change a lot of minds.

Do I see that happening in America? Probably not but one can always hope. I'm certainly not doing my part to change things for the better and to be honest, you really aren't either. I still love your approach and writing and look forward to future installments here :)


As long as we attack our opposition on a personal level. Degrade them in any capacity, we are simply creating a wedge.

No matter how much truth is on our side, how is it helping so long as we keep driving a wedge between us and the opposition? No matter how justified I feel about degrading these people (after all THEY ARE WRONG) -- the more I do it, the less likely chance I have of convincing them of their faults.

The solution would be to do something NEW (because what we have been doing SIMPLY ISN'T WORKING) .. Try to identify with the opposition -- They are human after all, we certainly have things in common. You aren't going to convince people to change if you only recognize and point out their faults.

Truth coupled with insult = weak. Truth coupled with encouragement = winner.

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