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January 16, 2013


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Thomas Brown

You need never apologize (nor should anyone) for expressing any form of negative opinion about Orly Taitz. She is beneath contempt. Nothing about her suggests a human being dwells within. She would put broken glass in baby food if it would even momentarily slake her burning insatiable hatred for our freely and fairly elected President. She is foul beyond measure; an execrable, wretched harridan. If one could combine Medusa, Countess Bathory, Lucretia Borgia, Hetty Green and Leona Helmsley, the resulting creature would still be more pleasant, competent, honorable and appealing than Orly Taitz.


Part of me feels like I should apologize for my rant / open letter to Dr. Orly. While I've been known to get grumpy, I don't usually lose my temper to the point I basically invite someone to go eat a bowl of sugar-frosted, honey-roasted dicks.

DO NOT apologize for your rant. It was awesome. Rant Away. Rant some more. It can never be enough to deal with the evil scumbag that is Orly Taitz.

Greg Brown

Patrick, your rant is surprising only in that it took this many years for her to finally drive you to it. You have had way more patience, or forbearance, than most of us would have had. Signed the petition, by the way.


"Why do I get the feeling that Padawan Pauly hasn't had a date or steady relationship in a decade or so??"

I hope his mamma finds out about this and slaps him into the middle of the next milennium.


I didn't see a rant in there. Just a frustrated American being frustrated by an un-American whack-job.


Congratulations, Patrick! Your open letter to Orly was awesome and no more than she deserves. How much public time and money has this woman squandered over the years? She owes the taxpayers of America an apology and a big check.

The Magic M

> I hope his mamma finds out about this and slaps him into the middle of the next milennium.

I suppose he harbours a deep hatred for his mother which caused him to jump on the "only the man counts" bandwagon. I fully expect him to go off the rails if his lawsuit is assigned to a female judge. Is Pauly one of the "wimmin can't legally hold office" peeps as well? I didn't read his entire pile of taitz.


Sorry to be a cynic, but Orly and her husband are wealthy and we all know that wealthy people can do things us "peasants" can't. Like buy US Citizenship or not get charged with murder (a la OJ Simpson).


Righteous rant, Patrick! And Orly so deserves it.

I imagine if her deportation were put to a vote of the real We The People, she'd be on the boat back to elsewhere the next day.

Greg Brown

Uh, Donna, point taken, but I think you meant to say "get away with murder." There was that little thing of "the trial of the century."


Patrick...I read it all, but don't comment often. However, you earned it. Not only was the rant very satisfying (and true) but how you got through Padawan Paul's self serving piece of crap is beyond belief. Did he actually say he wasn't allowed to be an Atheist? WTF...


Completely agreed with your letter to Orly. You are only saying what many of us want to. She is indeed a blight on everything good about these United States. I'm sick of her wasting taxpayer dollars with her complete BS she infests our courts with. I've signed both petitions- to charge birthers for all the wasted money on their frivolous lawsuits and to deport Orly. I am tired of her getting away with trying to incite people to take up arms against the legal US government (I know those videos are still out there) and I am sick of her constantly harping on our legally elected, natural born US citizen president.

As to the Jedi- I have a serious headache trying to get through that tripe. I would love to be able to tell him where to put his "citizen only through the father" crap. His insanity I think might even take him over Orly's level of BS. Can't we deport him too? He says he isn't part of this country! He sure isn't a tax paying citizen.

PS Patrick- Has something changed that I'm not getting the latest posts in my RSS feed emails? I have been getting them all along, and suddenly the last two haven't come through.


Years of toxic abuse from the birthers/ right wingers is definitely starting to have it's effect.

Orly is just a dishonest disgusting person taking advantage of the millions of disgusting, dishonest people who happily support her. If it wasn't for her, someone else would fill the vacuum and take the limelight. She's nothing special and nothing to be angry about -- Be angry that there are just so many clueless and hateful people out there. Just don't let their venom consume you - You're a great guy and better than that!


Patrick. I don't know how you managed to wade through the cesspool of birtherism day after day. You deserve some sort of an award for venturing where no sane human has been able to go. It's like you have some sort of super human powers!


Seriously does he not get that for most of human history it was effectively impossible to know who the father of a child was with certainty but quite easy to know who their mother was?

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