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January 18, 2013


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Yossi's business must be doing very well. His ladys hobby is not doing her any good - and whilst it is amusing watching her, how much is it costing the taxpayers????

Greg Brown

Patrick, I savored your epithet "stupid cow" as regards Dr. Orly, but given her manic behavior, shouldn't it be more accurate to say "stupid maniac cow?" She is he embodiment of the old saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


I love your blog, read it several times a week, but it disappoints me whenever you resort to using sexist insults to characterize the despicable Orly Taitz. Epithets like "cow" and others with gender connotations distract and detract from the fine work you do here. There's a vast array of accurate terms to describe the ugliness and incompetence you diligently monitor without "going there." I hope you receive this in the context of a generally grateful reader.

Patrick McKinnion

JS - All I will say is that, as a rule of thumb, I do try to avoid gendered or sexual insults. There are times I do better than other times.

The Magic M

> He's giving other people a chance to look like flaming morons too!

Ah, another DIY "can't fail" kit? Well, of course, they love to recycle failures...

> "could the Chief Justice have strategically planned to first rule in favor of Obamacare—as a tax—knowing that such a ruling would theatrically demonstrate an apparent support for Obama—or, at the very least, demonstrate no prejudice towards the man"

So he's one of the "he's secretly on our side and only pretends to be pro-Obama" crowd. This probably takes the strongest levels of delusion to maintain.
Sure, birthers are 0-200 in court simply because all judges are on their side and only need more time to prepare the ineligibility ruling they've been planning for 5 years, right...

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