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January 23, 2013


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The Magic M

> as Charles Kerchner posts the "Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation"

Those are obviously not his but copied elsewhere, they're a bit too neutral (as they also mention name-calling as "liberal") to have come from his poor excuse of a brain.

> constitute prima fascia evidence

Isn't it amazing how super-duper secret Constitutional über-expert Padawan Pauly cannot even spell "prima facie"?
As I always say, if your surgeon says "Nurse, hand me that pointy thingy over there next to that sharp knifey object", RUN! ;)

The Magic M

> (Keyes) "Like Obama, Rubio finds his eligibility being questioned"

By birthers, of course. And then those same birthers have the audacity to claim that *Democrats* were going birther on Rubio. Full detachment from reality. (But you gotta hand it to WND, they know how to sell untruth as truth to the fools. They simply report Rubio's eligibility is being questioned, not by whom, and then the birthers, given that Rubio's a Republican, automatically assume Democrats are doing it.)

> Nor is being a Moron-American

Good one! :)


Hey, don't know demean Jawas by comparing them to Pauly. They're just businesspeople looking to survive in a tough environment. Not their fault if Owen buys a droid without checking it out first. And they made good quickly.

No, he and the rest of the birthers are dianogas. Living and thriving in trash and filth.


Carl is such a drama queen. He was a little over dramatic there at the end with the hand on the chin move.

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