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January 28, 2013


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Gotta love those bozos at Birther Report: even with the name (probably) right in front of them, they still couldn't spell KAPIOLANI Hospital...and if they can't do that, how are they ever going to find it?
I can understand why Manning wants to go, though. When I lived there, friends I never knew I had wanted to come and visit, especially at this time of year.

The Magic M

> "We are doing great with signing of the petitions, over 18,000 signed my petition to Congress within days. "

She keeps lying about that as well. I (and others) have told her multiple times that the 18,000 figure is "letters and emails sent" whereas the actual number of signatures is around 7,000 (see

Orly lying? Must be any day of the week.

The Magic M

> "I need to see, if we can organize a group of 50 people

Birtherism has come a long way. Once they were like "we need 1 million people to march on Washington", now they're willing to consider 50 people a success. I guess even the looniest can't evade reality forever.


Hi Patrick - Just FYI your feedburner feed isn't getting updated. Last article posted there is the Jan 11 one.


Patrick, the feed burner appears to be working again as my Google reader just updated for the last month of entries.


She may have left off the court's name, but at least she got the case number wrong.


"Colonel" Sellin.

These fruitcakes who practically wet themselves over senior officers (or rather, former officers) who share their delusions would, most of them, never be allowed inside the doors of a recruiting office.


I for one , as a retired US Army Combat veteran, Field Artilleryman and Lifetime member of the elite Sgt Morales Club for superior Leadership within the US Army would be honored to be a part of any Roundtable, especially with Col. Sellin being at the head seat.."

Sgt Morales is spinning about 100 MPH in his grave. That award is for Patriotic Americans, not insubordinate Seditionists.


forgot mutinous... oops.....


Sue, it's obvious that he stood too close to the howitzer one time too many.

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