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January 30, 2013


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Jeff Robison

"And give Paul Guthrie a pony. A male pony."

I shudder to think of what Mr Guthrie would do to that poor, defenseless pony, given that he hasn't had a date in so long.

Uh oh. I went there. Now he will sue me for $50 million. I engaged in 'hate speech.' Oh noes!

Thomas Brown

Hey! I know Paul Guthrie! He isn't going to do anything but shave the pony, put on some Barbara Streisand tunes, warm up the lube, take some whipped cream, and...

Oh heck. Now I've done it. Better get a lawyer.

Graham Shevlin

Having looked at the YouTube extravanganza by TeaPartyPowerHour, it would appear that his total domination of the comments is a result of his inability to distinguish between quantity and quality when it comes to commentary.

The Magic M

> I'm going to assume that Pauly hasn't had a date in a long, long, long, long time.

Or ever. My money is on "ever". "How dare them wimmin reject me and my sacred male sperm?"

Miles Cowperthwaite

I feel bad for Paul Guthrie.
Obviously he's a very manly man.
But despite his virile manliness, I feel he must still need comforting.
This sudden change of season coupled with his recent court defeat has probably left him as weak as baby.
I wish someone could take Paul downstairs and comfort him in a manly way.

Reality Check


This is a terrific article - great job as usual. I have another best of CEL III hit. Verbalobe forgot one he came up with when Orly and CEL III were in Philly, "Kiss her where it smells. Take her to New Jersey." LOL.

Mark Gillar has started moderating comments on at least his latest video. He banned PogueMoran and he has not allowed some of my comments through. He instead replied with a PM and I have exchanged several with him. I asked him if he would feel the same way if the President were a red haired conservative named O'Bama whose father was born in Dublin. He said all the liberals are racist and he is not. ha ha

I have a blog post up about his stupid "the smudge proves it fake" video.

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