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January 04, 2013


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so, the judge's decision here was evidence of socialism?



Someone on Fogbow says that there were at most 23 Orly-supporters at the "Judge England Case" (as Orly's calling it now).

Patrick McKinnion

Bob - That would have been me. I counted the people in the pictures, and the most in any one picture was 23.


"Both big, corrupt parties intend to certify the decision and even talk of running future ineligible candidates..."

For ineligible read non-white.

Greg Brown

I freely confess, Pat, to continuing amazement at the dedication you have shown to exposing the insanity and racism at the heart of these people. I would call it a labor of love, if love had anything to do with the emotions their cesspool emanations must evoke. I suspect it's more like a labor of slow, smoldering anger at the reptiles, with the occasional incredulous guffaw at how, when you've just decided they have hit absolute bottom, they start digging.

Greg Brown

... And maybe, in some isolated cases, a dose of pity for the addled, and the families whom they drive away with their craziness.


It seems that all you can muster for these clowns is pity.

The Magic M

> to testify to Obama’s alias Soebarkah and his loss of U.S. citizenship verified by the State Department document sworn by his own mother to a consular officer in Djarkarta, Indonesia in 1968

Is that a new one? I have yet to see a "State Department document" that allegedly proves "loss of US citizenship". Did Pam make that up recently or is that a birther claim I missed before?


These birther reports... serious?? or is someone pulling my leg??

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