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January 07, 2013


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Lancelot Link

I suspect "Bob Abooey" is a Howard Stern fan trolling.

The Magic M

> (quoting Douglas Vogt) First of all I am the one that has a clear cut cast for libel against you. Remember you are the one who called me a liar.

Paul Irey tried to intimidate me with lawsuit threats on WND as well when I started showing where he was not just wrong, but deliberately misrepresenting his findings. Of course he never went through with that (apart from the little problem of me living in Europe ;)).


Two years into her tenure as a federal district judge, on November 22, 1963, Sarah Hughes was called upon to administer the oath of office to Lyndon B. Johnson after the assassination of President Kennedy.

Birfers are just like the old village fools that used to provide entertainment in (and from) the Dark Ages.

Jeff Robison

President Coolidge was sworn in by his notary-public father, if memory serves.


I am a Notary Public in my home state. I am fully authorized by statute to administer oaths. I'd be happy to swear in President Obama if the need arises.


Calvin Coolidge was sworn in by his dad.

Coolidge, Warren Harding's VP, was visiting his parents on their farm when he received a telegram informing him that President Harding had died. Mr. Coolidge Sr. was a notary public and administered the oath of office to his own son, in the middle of the night, in the farmhouse parlour by the light of a kerosene lamp. I always thought that was a fascinating and very American story.


Oops, I see that I was so eager to jump in with my Calvin Coolidge story that I missed Jeff Robison beating me to it. It's still a great story.


As an experiment, I administered the Presidential Oath to several neighbors today, including a small child. The results indicate that this did not, in fact, make any of them President, and that something else is likely to be the cause of actually becoming President. I suspect it has something to do with the election, and that the Oath is a mere formality.

Jonny Quest

With all due respect (much!), I have to say that this time you may have amassed more typos than the birthers.
True, their ratio is far higher, but you really should spell-check before publication.
Good work, just a bit more confusing to read this time.

The Magic M

> I always thought that was a fascinating and very American story.

Cue the birthers throwing another former President (the first being Chester Arthur) under the bus as "treasonous usurper" in 3... 2...


Coolidge later repeated the oath before Justice Adolph Hoehling of the DC Supreme Court, just to make sure.


Hopefully, some of the birthers and extremists we read about will find themselves in the same position as this guy. Orly sounds like she has some of the same mental issues, as do several of the others. I hope they are doing some investigating in the birther world and keeping track of all those who are making threats on some of the sites you keep up with. I think some of them are seriously dangerous to all of us.


Thanks for the update on Schaeffer Cox, MTinMO!

Glad to see he will spend the next 20+ years behind bars, where he cannot further endanger others.

I fully agree with the judge & the article's conclusion:

"In the end, Judge Bryan agreed that the psychologist's findings about Cox's mental health made sense. The terms he'd written in his own trial notes after Cox's performance before the jury offered a parallel impression to the psychologist's: paranoia, grandiosity, narcissism, egocentricity, pathological lying. Still, serious mental health issues wouldn't soften Cox's fate – a fate he'd brought upon himself and his family, according to the judge. He could get help in prison for his paranoia and delusions, and it was clear he posed an ongoing danger to society.

"It may provide a reason for some of what he did but it is not an excuse,” Judge Bryan said."


I'm with you Patrick - one of the main reasons of following and putting up with these bitter lunatics is because I can't stand willful liars, especially if they are mired in petty hate.

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