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January 09, 2013


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The Magic M

> Being born on American soil to an American parent makes Barack Obama a naturalized citizen.

They got that part wrong, they meant "a natural-born citizen". And even that is misleading since "American parent" isn't necessary. (Lest someone interprets this like birthers interpret Minor vs. Happersett.)


"uphold the true organic Constitution"
Can I get one of those at Whole Foods?

Greg Brown

Patrick, do you know if anyone ever has filed a formal complaint against Orly in California, to get the wheels of professional regulation turning toward disbarment? The question came up during a discussion and frankly, I don't know, thought you might.

Patrick McKinnion

Greg Brown - I know at least three or four complaints against Dr. Orly that were alleged to have been sent the California Bar, one from a former client (Connie Rhodes), one from a Federal Judge (Judge Lamb), and about two others. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if there were more.

Patrick McKinnion

Origuy - You can, but it's going to be REALLY expensive there. :)


Just as a "you can't make this stuff up" note, when I clicked the link to the Addicting Info article, on the page was an ad for one of those five cents a minute international calling plans. The country it was saying you could call so cheap?


Greg Brown

Thanks Patrick.

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