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February 13, 2013


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The buffet of disaster just got another entrée.

OK, I had to laugh -- that was funny, although I'm not sure that was Threaty Guy's intention.


Great round up, as always.

Did you notice Lt. High Cmdr. Zullo said of this new 'total law enforcement' tack they're taking that 'the media thing, the authors who write books, the bloggers, they're all out of the way'.

It's looking like Arpaio, his Posse and Corsi/WND have parted ways.

Patrick McKinnion

Twinx - Maybe the last check from Farah bounced?


You know, i object to the "padawan" thing. there is only one characteer who can objectify the might os Guthrie.


You know, i object to the "padawan" thing. there is only one character who can objectify the might of Guthrie.

The Magic M

> The first cause of Civil War II

Einstein said World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones.
Civil War II is obviously being fought with keyboards and "shaking your fist angrily at the screen".
I bet birthers would chicken out even if Civil War II was fought using Counterstrike.

To me, the most obvious (and least understandable) level of delusion is how these people think that millions will take up arms against the "usurper" when only single digit numbers are willing to go outside carrying signs.

This must be close to the belief "any day now the angels will come down from the sky and deliver us from evil".

The Magic M

> He mentions an asteroid that will destroy the earth on friday

If he actually believed that, he'd put himself (and sane people) out of his misery and become a Darwin Award nominee.

The Magic M

> We are warned in Scripture that the day is coming when we will have to flee to the mountains and do so at such a pace that we cannot even stop for our coat.

Birthers are pretty much the American Taliban already, so it'd make sense for them to hide out in the mountains. At least that would take some insanity off teh interwebs. But I'd pity the bears.


"...uber-patriotic member of the Penis-American community.."



Hi, folks...I read this page every day, and I find it absolutely fascinating, hilarious, and depressing, at the same time.

Fascinating, because it amazes me at the sheer idiocy and energy of folks challenging President Obama's birth certificate with such energy and determination. They have an immense passion. I just wish they'd put that passion to positive uses, like urging people to give blood, for example.

I'm amazed at their paranoia, insanity, legal incompetence, lying, and determination. They're 0-198, and they keep charging. It really is the definition of insanity.

They're hilarious, because their arguments and screeds are so disconnected from anything remotely near reality. At the same time, they show absolute incompetence and a complete lack of understanding of anything about America or the nation's legal system.

But I also find them depressing, and for two reasons. The first is the waste they inflict upon our legal system: clogging up courts, wasting the time of responding attorneys, who could be better put to addressing real legal issues. I wish that Ms. Taitz would finally be disbarred and hammered with sanctions.

Another reason they are depressing is the anger and racism these folks display...I find that extremely frightening...they are not likely to overthrow the government, but the tenor and ferocity of their vitriol, combined with the despair that reeks in their screeds tells me that eventually these folks will stop being "keyboard commandos" and will vent their fury and frustration on society at large and target innocent folks, limning them as deadly enemies, and massacring them in the belief that doing so will somehow inspire millions of others to do the same.

That depresses and frightens me. It should depress and frighten any sane human being.

Anyway, mark me down as a very fascinated reader. I do hope that some day there is no need for pages like yours, as these idiots get the punishment they deserve...Gilbert and Sullivan would know how to punish them. It would be truly deserving.

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