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February 18, 2013


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The Magic M

> Once again, the best part of the video is Rudy's cat.

I pity the cat. Such deranged people shouldn't own other living beings.


Neutering both would be an excellent idea. It would help clean up the gene pool and for the cat it would keep unwanted kittens away.


Do you think it was just by chance that Orly wore a white hood to the demonstration?

No surprise. It should never be a surprise for dumb-ass birthers


I can't wait for your next post and all the heads blowing up over the Supreme Court decision. The delusional thinking of the Taitz followers still shocks me and their reaction (and her reaction) will be a good read from you. I'm sure of that! Thanks again for wading through all the bs. Much appreciated.


Someone over at Birther Report says there is a celebration going on over here after Orly's failure yesterday. Am I too late for champagne and party poppers???

Vattel Toys

I agree with neutering, but don't think Rudy will go for it.
The cat should probably have it done though.

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