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February 20, 2013


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For some reason I sense that "Treasonous Basterds" is posting with tongue firmly in cheek.

The Magic M

> Although the Amended Complaint alleges that Keith Judd received forty percent of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic Party Primary, Judd is currently serving a prison sentence

It would actually be funny if someone were elected President who is still serving a sentence. ;)


Patrick, I was waiting for your comments on the SCOTUS decision to bat Orly aside. You didn't disappoint me. ;)

"Rush better attack them, and soon"

Typical birther, expecting everyone else to do the heavy lifting. "Man the barricades! Won't someone pleeeeease man the barricades?"

Rep. Phil Gingrey is expected to announce next week that he will seek the Georgia Senate seat being vacated by fellow Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss, ...

When is douchebag, asshat Carl Swenson going to announce? With the massive support of the voters in RW Georgia concerned with the legitimacy of the President, it should be a milk run for a birther.

This is your big chance, Carl, to make a statement--don't let the faithful down. Don't leave it all to Orly.

Reality Check
"So basically you have a nearly mindless creature futilely swiping at something he's never going to be able to get. Mixed in with video of a cat."

That describes Rudy purrfectly!

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