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February 04, 2013


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"Can the Peach family claim Nectarines belong to it? Or does the Plum family own that right? Of course it’s neither. Nectarines are a combination of both, being a hybrid that belongs to neither group."

Peaches and Nectarines are actually the same species of fruit. The only difference is that Nectarines are bred without the "allele" that produces fuzzy skin.


And of course Hitler 'came to power (that is, became Chancellor) in 1933, not 1932.
Just one more thing Orly gets wrong.


It is time to cut the federal budget by cutting most federal jobs and giving those jobs to people who are unemployed as part of the workfare program. "

Didn't the Russians try that at least once before around 1918?????? It was called Communism.

Hitler became President in 1933 combining the offices of Chancellor and President upon Von Hindenburg's death. This solidified his power after only getting 33% of the vote (mebbe it was 47%???? nah too coincidental).


Wow, Birthers are only becoming stupider and stupider in their statements and actions... what a pathetic bunch of sore losers!

The Magic M

> All this is, is a sneaky way she's using to try and get around the order from the court to redact President Obama's old SSN.

For me, it's another proof she messes up on purpose. She knows she gets her filings rejected if the files unredacted SSN's, so this gives her another excuse for dragging out the process and gives her flying monkeys something to babble about "the system obstructing our brave hero".

I mean, seriously, if she were as deranged as she portraits herself in public, don't you think she'd be in similar trouble as Fitzpatrick by now? She *never* behaves that way in court and always shows enough respect for the judge as to not get sanctioned right away. She never accuses a judge of being a traitor in his face. Because she *knows* that it's crazy and because she is *not* crazy. She is doing this all on purpose.

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